Continuing the story of Colonel:
August 13, 2013:
Dempsey base is active and a few weeks ago. The movements have increased in recent days. Do not keep pouring more troops and supplies. This is crazy, when I arrived for over a month and I was assigned control of the patrols, I thought it was going to be very little accountability and could devote myself to other pursuits, but do not stop coming input control reports, attempts penetrate the base, robberies, invasions defensive perimeter and many other things.
Across the walls of the base is not very different, are many movements of Chinese soldiers and the general public is uneasy, fearful of what is clearly going to be hopelessly.
Talks between the two countries remain stalled, never stop saying that unlocked all the money that we believe have hijacked and that is the main cause of all the problems caused by the global crisis we are all suffering. They respond yet all the while they can not do that because it would sink the economy not only in his country but also the economy of other countries, they have not abducted or retained any money. All I have done is to export their products and sell them on the international market, at the same time imports are lower because almost all raw materials and the needs are within its borders. They have the audacity to say that the blame for everything that is happening is our prices by speculating and trying to maintain the hegemony of our currency in the international market instead of letting other currency, stronger and with a more realistic value, take place and make international transactions are more beneficial for everyone.
Meanwhile crossing intensifies threats, had it not been for the mediation of the European Union and Russia, the magazine would have long since burst.
When you reach the base, I could not imagine that it would become such a hotbed, were all very quiet. We had the freedom to wander the surrounding villages and the locals were very friendly to us. When the captain received me in his office the first time we met, I gave a talk that I found exaggerated for the little I saw on the way to my arrival.
“Welcome Colonel, congratulations on your promotion. Know that this is not an easy target, you will have to open your eyes and be alert constantly. You take care of checks and patrols the defensive perimeter defense, something very sensible and necessary for the base. It is a great responsibility which, as I read in your file, you can totally see who can cope without pressure.
Above all we must be alert to any movement of troops overseas. We do not want you in the middle of the night we were surprised with a quick attack or penetrate into the base. And the villagers, I would not trust much. That bunch of communists seize any our weakness to sabotage our operations or filter information to their bosses. ”
“Troops” I thought. I did not see a single soldier all the way to the base of arrival. And that’s not outdated adequate philosophy of thinking that all who live under a communist authorities are exaggerated communist saw it too.
I relaxed even more when, on the following day, accompanied by some of my subordinates, visited the village and found firsthand the hospitality and friendliness of its people.
But that peace and tranquility was short. Within weeks began arriving ample supplies and soldiers, both on our part and on the part of the Chinese. Negotiations reached an impasse and had increasingly more raids to the base, so the commander’s paranoia rose considerably, considering a possible Chinese invasion. So he kept asking for more weapons and more soldiers.
I saw everything in the reports of inspection patrols and perimeter were thefts of food, medicine and all the people that were able to capture people in the village, hopefully if captured by people who knew the base gave part but, without knowing how, managed to escape and received no punishment. The townspeople would be going bad because with what little they had, now they had to sustain Chinese troops who were settling in the area. The discomfort was obvious, but never saw it were any military incursion just trying to survive this situation very desperate people.
Following this, intensified patrols the defensive perimeter was reinforced, first with metal fences. When it was discovered digging to pass under them, he put a double fence and between the two fences were placed trained dogs attacking anyone who entered within that area. Every night he hears a scream always some poor bastard trying to circumvent that stretch, hoping to have a chance.
Today it seems that the news is promising. Negotiations have resumed between the two countries, it seems that there is a very clear stance towards peace by both sides. Even here, everything looks much calmer. Chinese troops are working with the locals doing growing areas, repairing houses and roads. I do not receive almost no reports of attempts to penetrate the base. Tranquility.
Damn when I wrote the above lines.
After noon the base commander has ordered the state of red alert and mobilized all base personnel. This has been crazy, nobody knew what was happening. Both on and off base everything seemed to be falling apart.
Radio communications and did not stop all the noise was, he could not see that was what was happening.
Suddenly I saw it. One of the soldiers who accompanied me during the inspection of the perimeter called me asking me to direct my gaze directed skyward.
I could make 5 large fireball followed by a big trail of smoke each making their way westward. I knew immediately they were. The missiles as his career and I could estimate its height were fired from far away and were already at the end of the parable, yet they still had a few thousand miles to reach your goal.
That could only mean one thing, ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Nuclear missiles fired from U.S. or Europe. Was petrified at the thought that we had launched a nuclear attack. What happened to the negotiations? Do we have them or their allies launched a nuclear attack and this was the answer? Was this a tactical response or had entered the feared nuclear war?




Continuación de la narración del coronel:
13 de Agosto de 2013:
La base Dempsey lleva ya unas semanas en activo. Las movilizaciones han aumentado en los últimos días. No dejan de llegar nuevos efectivos y suministros. Esto es una locura, cuando llegue hace ya mas de un mes y me asignaron el control de patrullas, creí que iba a ser muy poca responsabilidad y que podría dedicarme a otros menesteres, pero no paran de llegar informes de control de entrada, intentos de penetrar en la base, robos, invasiones de perímetro defensivo y muchas otras cosas mas.
Al otro lado de los muros de la base no es muy diferente, se ven muchos movimientos de los soldados chinos y la población en general esta intranquila, temerosa de lo que a todas luces va a llegar irremediablemente.
Las conversaciones entre los dos países siguen estancadas, No paramos de decir que desbloqueen todo el dinero que a nuestro parecer tienen secuestrado y que es la causa principal de todos los problemas causados por la crisis mundial que estamos sufriendo todos. Ellos sin embargo responden todo el rato que ellos no pueden hacer eso ya que hundirían no solo la economía de su país sino también la economía del resto de países, ellos no han secuestrado ni retenido ninguna cantidad de dinero. Lo único que han hecho es exportar sus productos y venderlos en el mercado internacional, a la par que sus importaciones son menores ya que casi todas las materias primas y necesidades las tienen dentro de sus fronteras. Tienen la osadía de decir que la culpa de todo lo que esta ocurriendo es nuestra por especular con los precios e intentar mantener la hegemonía de nuestra moneda en el mercado internacional en vez de dejar que otra moneda, mas fuerte y con un valor mas realista, tome su lugar y haga que las transacciones internacionales sean mas beneficiosas para todo el mundo.
Mientras tanto el cruce de amenazas se intensifica, si no llega a ser por la mediación de la Unión Europea y Rusia, este polvorín hace ya tiempo que habría estallado.
Cuando llegue a la base, no podía imaginar que se convertiría en tal hervidero, era todo muy tranquilo. Teníamos la libertad de pasear por las aldeas colindantes y los lugareños eran muy amables con nosotros. Cuando el comandante me recibió en su despacho la primera vez que nos vimos, me dio una charla que yo encontré exagerada para lo poco que vi durante el trayecto de mi llegada.
“Bienvenido coronel, enhorabuena por su ascenso. Sepa que este no es un destino fácil, va a tener que abrir bien los ojos y estar alerta constantemente. Usted se encargara de los controles de las patrullas y defensa del perímetro defensivo, algo muy sensible y necesario para la base. Es una gran responsabilidad de la cual, según leo en su expediente, le veo totalmente capaz de sobrellevarlo sin que le pueda la presión.
Sobre todo tenemos que estar atentos a cualquier movimiento de tropas en el exterior. No queremos que en medio de la noche nos sorprendan con un ataque rápido o penetren dentro de la base. Y los aldeanos, yo no me fiaría mucho. Esa panda de comunistas aprovecharan cualquier debilidad nuestra para sabotear nuestras operaciones o filtrar informaciones a sus caciques.”
“Tropas” pensé yo. No vi ni un solo soldado en todo el trayecto de llegada a la base. Y esa no adecuada filosofía anticuada de pensar que todos los que viven bajo una autoridad comunista son comunista también lo vi exagerada.
Aun me relajé más cuando, en los siguientes días, acompañado de algunos de mis subordinados, visitamos el pueblo y comprobamos en primera persona la hospitalidad y amabilidad de sus gentes.
Pero esa paz y tranquilidad duro poco. En pocas semanas empezaron a llegar gran cantidad de suministros y soldados, tanto por nuestra parte como por parte de los chinos. Las negociaciones llegaron a un punto muerto y cada vez habían más incursiones a la base, con lo que la paranoia del comandante se elevaba considerablemente, pensando en una posible invasión de los chinos. Así que no paraba de pedir más armamento y más soldados.
Yo todo lo que veía en los informes de patrullas y de inspección del perímetro eran robos de alimentos, medicinas y toda la gente que se consiguió capturar eran gente de la aldea, que con suerte si eran capturados por gente de la base que conocían daban parte pero, sin saber como, lograban escapar y no recibían su castigo. La gente del pueblo lo estaría pasando mal ya que con lo poco que tenían, ahora también tenían que sustentar a las tropas chinas que se estaban asentando en la zona. El malestar era evidente, pero en ningún momento vi que se tratara de ningún tipo de incursión militar solo el intento de sobrevivir a esta situación de gente muy desesperada.
A raíz de todo esto, las patrullas se intensificaron, el perímetro defensivo se reforzó, primero con vallas metálicas. Cuando se descubrió que cavaban para pasar por debajo de ellas, se puso una doble valla y entre las dos vallas se colocaron perros adiestrados que atacaban a cualquiera que entrara dentro de ese área. Todas las noches se oye siempre algún grito de algún pobre desgraciado que intenta sortear ese tramo, esperando tener alguna oportunidad.
Hoy las noticias parece que son esperanzadoras. Las negociaciones se han reanudado entre los dos países, parece que hay una postura muy clara de avanzar hacia la paz por ambas partes. Incluso aquí se ve todo mucho mas tranquilo. Las tropas chinas están colaborando con la gente de la zona haciendo zonas de cultivo, reparando las casas y los caminos. No recibo casi ningún reporte de intentos de penetrar en la base. Se respira tranquilidad.
Maldita sea la hora en que escribí las anteriores líneas.
Pasado el mediodía el comandante de la base ha ordenado el estado de alerta roja y ha movilizado a todo el personal de la base. Esto ha sido una locura, nadie sabia que es lo que estaba ocurriendo. Tanto dentro como fuera de la base todo parecía que se venia abajo.
Las comunicaciones por radio no paraban y con todo el ruido que se formaba, no era capaz de apreciar que era lo que estaba ocurriendo.
De repente lo vi. Uno de los soldados que me acompañaban durante la inspección del perímetro me llamo haciéndome indicaciones que dirigiera mi vista hacia el cielo.
Pude distinguir 5 grandes bolas de fuego seguidas de un gran rastro de humo cada una de ellas que se dirigían hacia el oeste. Supe inmediatamente que eran. Los misiles según su trayectoria y lo que pude estimar de su altura fueron disparados desde muy lejos y estaban ya en la parte final de la parábola, aun así aun les quedaban unos miles de kilómetros para llegar a su objetivo.
Eso solo podía significar una cosa, ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Misiles nucleares disparados desde Estados Unidos o Europa. Quede petrificado ante la idea de que nosotros hubiésemos lanzado un ataque nuclear. ¿Qué había pasado con las negociaciones? ¿Acaso nos habían lanzado ellos o sus aliados un ataque nuclear y esta era la respuesta? ¿Era esto una respuesta táctica o habíamos entrado en la tan temida guerra nuclear?



Extract obtained from documents of Colonel Wagner:
June 20, 2013:
Just got a statement from the high command to the base commander. After handing in hand, was leaving his office when he asks me to wait.
-This statement I just came Captain concern you – said the commander Willman.
-If I may ask sir What do you want from me the high command? – Answered without leaving the position.
By hand, the commander told me to sit down in front of his desk. As I walked to the chair, I saw frowned as he reviewed the statement.
– Captain, I’m more than proud of his service over the years on the basis of Chirchik. You are an example for your peers and subordinates – the commander stood a moment and went on to say – now appears that all that effort will be rewarded.
– Rewarded sir? – Ask totally surprised by the praise that I just received.
– I have in my hands the order of immediate transfer to the new base Dempsey, bordering China’s Xin Jiang. This is accompanied by a promotion to colonel, when they arrive at the destination will be given their orders and delivery.
I become white. I hoped to one day reach Colonel but not as fast. In my head spinning ideas to a very great speed. I thank the commander told me that I sit, because if not at that time could have remained standing.
-Son – Commander interrupted my ramblings – take a breath and calm down. It is a lot to take at once. A new destination to a totally new and a direct ascent with greater responsibilities.
Think carefully before you decide anything, you remember that in your hand or not to accept this transfer. I can help you if you want to reject it, saying their great work on this basis and the need to stay here. In the end the decision is yours.
– Lord, because you tell me that warning about all this? – Trying to read between the lines ask what I wanted to say – What do you know about the base Dempsey?
– There is no information on the base, is not yet active. Is supposed to begin next week came the activity and personnel assigned to the base.
All I can say, and that’s what I said above, this is one of the hottest areas of the planet. Everyone knows that, since he came to light all the information about the economic collapse and the suspicions that China was the cause of all, our country is going to have to make a move. Many troops are moving around the country. It’s like trying to corner a rat, can be cast while back but when they see no escape attack with all his might, and this rat is very large, well he is.
– Lord, all you’re doing is supposed to be a possible preventive movements occupation of China to friendly and allied countries – said to try to dispel their doubts.
-Hahahaha – commander laughed heavily-son, do you think that if China had not wanted would have occupied all the territories that border it long ago?
– No, this is not a defense motion and show of force -. Affirm the commander – all this is rather a movement of siege and containment is what worries me, because I see no consistency with what is supposed to our president meant foreign policy.
– Lord thank you for your words. The’ll remember when making my decision I said with gratitude – it does not order anything else I retire and I’ll tell you tomorrow what my decision.
– You can go, but think through what they will do, their future and maybe something else depends on it.
I left the office of the commander concerned.
Everyone knew how they had increased tensions between the U.S. and China, especially from the statements of the President of the Bank of America that the global deficit increase, retention credit, unemployment and economic inactivity were primarily China’s fault and how this country is appropriating both dollars and Euros without re-let market circulasen.
But he was trying to develop this problem diplomatically. He saw no reason, with all the conversations that were taking place, that our country decided to make a military intervention.
Most likely it’s all a show of force and an attempt to tilt the talks for us showing our determination.
The next day after a sleepless night mulling over the head about what I should do, I went to the office of commander.
Sir Do you give your permission?
– Go ahead, Captain. Take a seat – the commander replied without looking up at some papers he had in his desk.
– Well? What is your response to the move?
– Lord – responded with all firmness I could muster – I will accept the transfer and promotion. I considered everything I said and one of the reasons that lead me to make that decision is just that. Being an officer of the base, I can be aware of what is happening and have some influence on what happens in that area.
She knows that I am a person who likes honesty, obedience, loyalty and discipline – continued exposing – for any illegal or excessive action can I take the opportunity to speak. I just hope that what little I can do serve to maintain peace in the area and that their suspicions are confirmed.
– Well said son, is what I expect from you – the commander said with pride in his eyes protruding – just hope you achieve and maintain that serenity not stop its efforts with something or someone to overshoot and threatening integrity.
The commander rose from his chair, and standing at attention saluted me martial energy, to which I immediately replied, standing up like lightning and returning the greeting with all my respect.

– Colonel. It has been an honor to serve with you on this basis, and I can only thank him for his services during this time. I want you just as well go wherever their way dictate destiny.
And while I retreated to his office, I could see in his eyes perceived brightness of emotion and paternalism, something that never fade from my memory.



Extracto obtenido de los documentos del coronel Wagner:
20 de Junio de 2013:
Acaba de llegar un comunicado del alto mando para el comandante de la base. Después de entregárselo en mano, estaba saliendo de su despacho cuando me pide que espere.
-Este despacho que me acaba de llegar le concierne Capitán- dijo el comandante Willman.
-si se me permite la pregunta señor ¿Qué es lo que quiere de mi el alto mando? – respondí sin abandonar la posición.
Con la mano, el comandante, me indico que tomara asiento delante de su mesa. Mientras me dirigía a la silla vi como fruncía el ceño mientras repasaba el comunicado.
-Capitán, estoy más que orgulloso de su hoja de servicio durante todos estos años en la base de Chirchik. Es todo un ejemplo para sus compañeros y subordinados – el comandante se paro un instante y continuo diciendo – Ahora parece que todo ese esfuerzo va a ser recompensado.
– ¿Recompensado señor? – pregunte totalmente sorprendido por el elogio que acababa de recibir.
– Tengo en mis manos su orden de traslado inmediato hacia la nueva base Dempsey en la frontera china de Xin Jiang. Esto viene acompañado de un ascenso a coronel, en cuanto llegue al destino se le darán sus ordenes y despacho.
Me quede blanco. Esperaba poder llegar un día a coronel pero no tan rápido. En mi cabeza las ideas giraban a una velocidad grañidísima. Doy gracias al comandante de que me dijera que me sentara, porque no se si en esos momentos podría haberme mantenido de pie.
-Hijo – interrumpió el comandante mis divagaciones – tome aire y tranquilícese. Se que es mucho que asimilar de golpe. Un nuevo destino a una base totalmente nueva y un ascenso directo con mayores responsabilidades.
Piénseselo bien antes de decidir nada, por que le recuerdo que esta en su mano aceptar o no este traslado. Yo puedo ayudarle a rechazarlo si quiere, alegando su gran labor en esta base y la necesidad de mantenerlo aquí. Al final la decisión es suya.
-¿Señor, porque me da esa advertencia ante todo esto?- pregunte intentando leer entre líneas lo que me quería decir – ¿Qué sabe usted de la base Dempsey?
– No hay información alguna sobre la base, aun no esta en activo. Se supone que la semana que viene empezaba su actividad y llegara el personal asignado a la base.
Lo único que puedo decir, y es por lo que he dicho todo lo anterior, es que esta en una de las zonas mas calientes del planeta. Todo el mundo sabe que, desde que salio a la luz todas la informaciones sobre el colapso económico y las sospechas de que China era la causante de todo, nuestro país va a tener que mover ficha. Se están moviendo muchos contingentes alrededor de ese país. Es como intentar acorralar a una rata, mientras pueda se echara hacia atrás pero cuando se vea sin escape atacara con todas sus fuerzas, y esta rata es muy grande, vaya si lo es.
– Señor, todo lo que se esta haciendo se supone que son movimientos preventivos ante una posible ocupación de China a países amigos y aliados – respondí para intentar disipar sus dudas.
-Jajajaja – rió con pesadez el comandante- hijo, ¿usted cree que si china no hubiera querido habría ocupado todos los territorios que limitan con ella hace ya mucho tiempo?
– No, esto no es un movimiento de defensa y demostración de fuerza -.Afirmo el comandante – todo esto es mas bien un movimiento de asedio y contención y es lo que me preocupa, ya que no veo la concordancia con lo que se supone que nuestro presidente quiere dar a entender en política exterior.
– Señor gracias por sus palabras. Las tendré en cuenta a la hora de tomar mi decisión- Dije con gratitud – Si no ordena nada mas me retiro y mañana le diré cual será mi decisión al respecto.
– Puede retirarse, pero piense bien que es lo que va a hacer, su futuro y puede que algo mas depende de ello.
Salí del despacho del comandante con preocupación.
Todo el mundo sabia de cómo habían aumentado las tensiones entre Estados Unidos y China, sobre todo desde las declaraciones del presidente del Banco de America de que el aumento del déficit mundial, la retención de créditos, el desempleo y la falta de actividad económica eran principalmente culpa de China y de cómo este país esta apropiándose tanto de dólares como euros sin volver a dejar que circulasen en el mercado.
Pero se estaba intentado desarrollar una vía diplomática para este problema. No veía razón alguna, con todas las conversaciones que se estaban produciendo, de que nuestro país decidiera hacer una intervención militar.
Lo mas seguro que todo sea una demostración de fuerza y un intento de inclinar las conversaciones a nuestro favor demostrando nuestra determinación.
Al día siguiente después de una noche de insomnio dándole vueltas a la cabeza sobre que es lo que tendría que hacer, me dirigí hacia el despacho del comandante.
-Señor ¿Da usted su permiso?
– Adelante, capitán. Tome asiento – me respondió el comandante sin levantar la mirada en unos papeles que tenia en su mesa.
– ¿Y bien? ¿Cuál es su respuesta ante el traslado?
– Señor – respondí con toda la firmeza de la que pude hacer acopio – voy a aceptar el traslado y el ascenso. He tenido en cuenta todo lo que me dijo y una de las razones que me llevan a tomar esa decisión es justamente eso. Siendo uno de los oficiales de la base, podré estar al tanto de lo que ocurra y tener algo de influencia en lo que pase en esa zona.
-Sabe que soy una persona que le gusta la sinceridad, obediencia, lealtad y disciplina – continué exponiéndole – ante cualquier ilegalidad o acción desmesurada podré tener la oportunidad de intervenir. Solo espero que lo poco que pueda hacer sirva para mantener la paz en la zona y que sus sospechas no se confirmen.
– Bien dicho hijo, es lo que me esperaba de usted – respondió el comandante con el orgullo sobresaliendo en su mirada – solo espero que logre mantener esa serenidad y que no tope en su empeño con algo o alguien que le sobrepase y ponga en peligro su integridad.
El comandante se levanto de su silla, y poniéndose en posición de firmes me hizo un saludo marcial con energía, a lo que yo inmediatamente respondí poniendo de pie como un rayo y devolviéndole el saludo con todo mi respeto hacia el.

– Coronel. Ha sido un orgullo servir con usted en esta base, y no puedo más que agradecerle sus servicios prestados durante todo este tiempo. Deseo que le vaya igual de bien allá donde le dicte su camino el destino.
Y mientras me retiraba de su despacho, pude ver como en sus ojos se percibía un brillo de emoción y paternalismo, algo que jamás se borrara de mi memoria.



The SUV stopped at a house like the old style Victorian homes with their porch and fenced garden included. Colonel Neal off the vehicle, inviting Peter and Mary Rose to follow him, transfer the gate of the fence up to the porch and knocked on the door. Then a young girl with Eurasian features opened the door. She stopped in the doorway, looking closely at the three people waiting on the other side of the door, and finally said.
-Good morning Colonel Neal, what brings you here?
‘Good morning Miss Wagner, these people who are with me are Mr. Peter Laurent and intelligence officer Mrs. Rose Mary Lush. They would be interested in being able to ask some questions to her grandfather Colonel Wagner – responded with martial Colonel Neal.
‘Pleased to meet you, please come. I guess I have had a long journey to get here. Do you want a drink? – Miss Wagner said reaching out inviting them to enter the house.
Miss Wagner-No thanks, we had a very comfortable journey truth, we do not need anything right now – politely answered Peter-We would like, if possible, to speak with your grandfather immediately.
-Let rise to warn of their arrival. He was resting right now, so please take a seat in the lounge and wait-Miss Wagner replied as they indicated the entrance to the hall.
And once he saw that his guests were accommodated, climbed the stairs to the first floor.
– No longer in active Colonel Wagner, Colonel Neal? – Ask Peter missed.
– No, Colonel Wagner already a couple of years was honorably discharged from active duty – Colonel Neal replied.
– It’s strange that he continue living at the base, his son is part of the base quota? – Peter asked.
– No. The colonel’s son never served in the military. He was a university professor in the UK. He and his wife have been dead for more than 10 years in one of the many suicide attacks suffered by the UK – said Colonel Neal.
– He was a great guy, and his daughter here has acquired the best qualities of his father, -said Colonel Wagner as he descended the stairs slowly accompanied by his granddaughter.
All rose at the time, Colonel Peter Wagner carefully observed. A man whose face showed his great experience in the field, expressionless eyes that had to endure the sight of thousands of atrocities. He had an athletic body, still keeping fit the old colonel, but age did not go in vain and it showed that his joints were resenting so much physical effort.
– Colonel sorry for your loss, – said Peter – all more or less lost loved ones in this senseless war.
– Senseless!? – Said Colonel Wagner with angry tone -son this war has been anything but absurd. This war was fought to defend the ideals of freedom and democracy that so difficult for us to raise our civilization.
“Ideals on the other hand proved to be false” thought Peter unwittingly further discuss this issue with the colonel not to create unnecessary friction.
– Excuse my stupidity Colonel -Peter said trying to apologize- did not mean to belittle the efforts of people like you to defend us all.
– Well? my granddaughter say to me you came from New York to talk to me and ask me some questions. What they want to know? – Asked as he sat Colonel Wagner.
– Colonel Wagner, I have understood that you have been earmarked for this foundation since its inception- Peter began to explain- then I suppose I will not be wrong to think that you are the person with more information about what happened during the war in this region, is not it?
Colonel Wagner nodded his head slightly as the only response to Peter while looking at him even for a moment, waiting to hear what these two people would want to know of an elderly retired military.
– I have been assigned the task of collecting information from around the world about the events over the past 20 years. My first stop is this, China, I guess I want to understand the importance of data collection in this area since, technically, the outbreak of war was started here- Peter continued with his presentation- so if you do not mind, being as specific I love to hear and remember the times you lived here at the base, and events, in his view, important that befell here.
Colonel Wagner got up from his seat and without losing sight for a moment Peter said.
– Mr Laurent, if you want to know what’s happened in China and on this basis during my years of service, do not need any that I mentioned it.
And saying something imperceptible to the ear to his granddaughter, were dismissed lightly by hand and went back up the stairs.
Miss Wagner shot toward the office of his grandfather. He returned a few minutes with a box.
Peter could not help showing his disappointment and was about to leave the house when he saw Miss Wagner.

-Excuse the bluntness of my grandfather Mr. Laurent, what I meant is that you can know everything you need about the time with this.
And Peter tank approaching a box in his hands as she stared with a friendly smile on his face, the very opposite of his grandfather, Peter thought.
– What is this? – Ask intrigued Peter, meanwhile he opened the lid of the box.
-This Mr. Laurent – began to explain Miss Wagner – is the life of my grandfather, all you want to know about this in the contents of this box up what he already has forgotten his age.
My grandfather always liked to put down on paper for everything were important moments in your life. Apart also keep copies of all reports made during his military career and the messages that have been declassified so far.
Even Peter was astonished not to see and weigh the amount of information stored in hundreds of memory cards in front of him. Then a question came to mind.
-Miss Wagner. This is impressive, but I think it would be better to ask directly to his grandfather, and to immerse myself in all this information to find out what happened at a specific time would take me a lot in the little time I have.
‘Mr Laurent- answer Miss Wagner- for that I’m here. Do not hesitate to come to me to ask me anything contained in these memory cards. I’m the one who has transcribed all that information to digital media, as my grandfather has always been more than handwriting. It is all there is to know about the life of my grandfather. Apart guess I needed from my old computer to read these units as I think you will not have anything as old in his possession of the ship.
-You are absolutely right- said Peter- that would be another of my reasons for asking again speak to his grandfather, but I see that what I had expected. Well, if there is no choice but do me a favor and tell me how to find what happened to his grandfather during the days before and during the impact of the bombs on the Chinese territory.



El todoterreno se detuvo ante una casa de estilo parecido a las antiguas casas victorianas, con su porche y jardín vallado incluido. El coronel Neal bajo del vehículo invitando a Peter y Rose Mary que lo siguieran, traspaso la cancela de la valla y subiendo al porche llamo a la puerta. Enseguida abrió una chica joven de rasgos euroasiáticos. Se detuvo en la entrada, mirando detenidamente a las tres personas que esperaban al otro lado de la puerta, y al final dijo.
-Buenos días coronel Neal, ¿Qué le trae por aquí?
-Buenos días señorita Wagner, estas personas que me acompañan son el señor Peter Laurent y la oficial del servicio secreto la Señora Rose Mary Lush. Estarían interesados en poder hacerle unas preguntas a su abuelo el coronel Wagner – respondió con marcialidad el coronel Neal.
-Encantada de conocerles, por favor pasen. Supongo que habrán tenido un largo viaje para llegar aquí. ¿Desean tomar algo?- dijo la señorita Wagner extendiendo la mano invitándolos a entrar a la casa.
-No gracias señorita Wagner, hemos tenido un viaje bastante cómodo la verdad, no necesitamos nada por ahora- contesto educadamente Peter- Nos gustaría, si es posible, poder hablar con su abuelo inmediatamente.
-Dejen que suba a avisarle de su llegada. Estaba descansando en estos momentos, así que por favor tomen asiento en el salón y esperen- les respondió la señorita Wagner mientras les indicaba la entrada al salón.
Y una vez vio que estaban aposentados sus invitados, subió las escaleras hacia el primer piso.
– ¿Ya no está en activo el coronel Wagner, coronel Neal?- pregunto Peter extrañado.
– No, el coronel Wagner hace ya un par de años que se retiro con honores del servicio activo – Respondió el coronel Neal.
– Es extraño que siga viviendo en la base, ¿Su hijo forma parte del contingente de la base?- le pregunto Peter.
– No. El hijo del coronel no sirvió nunca en el ejército. Era profesor universitario en Reino Unido. El y su mujer murieron hace ya más de 10 años en uno de los numerosos ataques suicidas que sufrió el Reino Unido – respondió el coronel Neal.
– Fue un gran chico, y su hija aquí presente ha adquirido la mejores cualidades de su padre- dijo el coronel Wagner mientras bajaba lentamente por la escalera acompañado por su nieta.
Todos se levantaron en ese momento, Peter observo detenidamente al coronel Wagner. Un hombre cuyo rostro demostraba su gran experiencia en el campo de batalla, unos ojos inexpresivos que tuvieron que sufrir la vista de miles de atrocidades cometidas. Tenía una complexión atlética, seguía manteniéndose en forma el anciano coronel, pero la edad no pasaba en balde y se notaba que sus articulaciones se iban resintiendo de tanto esfuerzo físico.
– Siento mucho su pérdida coronel- respondió Peter- todos en mayor o menor medida perdimos a seres queridos en esta guerra absurda.
– ¿¡Absurda!?- dijo con tono de enfado el coronel Wagner- hijo esta guerra ha sido de todo menos absurda. Esta guerra se libro para defender los ideales de libertad y democracia que tanto nos costó levantar a nuestra civilización.
“ideales que por otro lado se demostraron que eran falsos” pensó Peter sin querer seguir discutiendo ese tema con el coronel para no crear fricciones innecesarias.
– Disculpe mi torpeza coronel- dijo Peter intentando disculparse- no fue mi intención menospreciar los esfuerzos de gente como usted para defendernos a todos nosotros.
– ¿Y bien? Me comenta mi nieta que han venido desde Nueva York para hablar conmigo y hacerme unas preguntas. ¿Qué es lo que desean saber? – pregunto mientras tomaba asiento el coronel Wagner.
– Coronel Wagner, tengo entendido que ha estado usted destinado a esta base desde su creación- empezó a explicarse Peter- supongo entonces que no estaré equivocado en pensar que sea usted la persona con mas información acerca de todo lo que paso durante la guerra en esta región, ¿No es así?
El coronel Wagner asintió levemente con la cabeza como única respuesta hacia Peter sin dejar de mirarle ni un solo momento, esperando saber qué es lo que querrían sabes estas dos personas de un anciano militar retirado.
– me ha sido asignada la labor de recopilar información de diferentes partes del mundo sobre los eventos ocurridos los últimos 20 años. Mi primera parada es esta, China, supongo que entenderá la importancia de querer recopilar datos en esta área dado que, técnicamente, el estallido de la guerra fue iniciado aquí- Siguió Peter con su exposición- Así que si no le importa, siendo ya concretos, me encantaría oír como recuerda los tiempos que vivió usted aquí en la base, y los eventos, a su entender, importantes que aquí acaecieron.
El coronel Wagner se levanto de su asiento y sin perder por un instante de vista a Peter dijo.
– Señor Laurent, si lo que quiere saber usted es que paso en China y en esta base durante mis años de servicio, no hace falta alguna que se lo comente yo.
Y diciéndole algo imperceptible al oído a su nieta, se despidió levemente con la mano y volvió a subir la escalera.
La señorita Wagner salió disparada hacia el despacho de su abuelo. Volvió a los pocos minutos con una caja entre sus brazos.
Peter no podía dejar de mostrar su desilusión y a punto estuvo de marcharse de la casa cuando vio aparecer a la señorita Wagner.

-Perdone la brusquedad de mi abuelo señor Laurent, lo que quería decir él es que puede saber todo lo que necesita sobre esa época con esto.
Y aproximándose a Peter deposito en sus manos la caja mientras le miraba fijamente con una sonrisa amable en su cara, todo lo contrario que su abuelo, pensó Peter.
-¿Qué es esto?- Pregunto intrigado Peter, mientras abría la tapa de la caja.
-Esto señor Laurent – empezó a explicarle la señorita Wagner – es la vida de mi abuelo, todo lo que desee saber sobre el esta en el contenido de esta caja, hasta lo que ya tiene olvidado por su avanzada edad.
Mi abuelo siempre le gusto plasmar en papel todo lo que para el fueron momentos importantes en su vida. Aparte también guardo copia de todos los informes que hizo durante su carrera militar y los mensajes que se han podido desclasificar hasta ahora.
Peter aun no salía de su asombro al ver y sopesar la cantidad de información guardada en los centenares de tarjetas de memoria que tenia delante de el. Enseguida le vino una duda a la cabeza.
-Señorita Wagner. Esto es algo impresionante, pero creo que seria mejor preguntarle directamente a su abuelo, ya que sumergirme en toda esta información para descubrir lo ocurrido en un tiempo especifico me demoraría mucho en el poco tiempo que tengo.
-Señor Laurent- Le replico la señorita Wagner- para eso estoy yo aquí. No dude en acudir a mí para preguntarme por cualquier cosa contenida en esas tarjetas de memoria. Yo soy quien ha transcrito toda esa información a soporte digital, ya que mi abuelo siempre ha sido más de letra manuscrita. Se todo lo que hay que saber sobre la vida de mi abuelo. Aparte supongo que necesitara de mi viejo ordenador para poder leer esas unidades ya que creo que no tendrá nada tan antiguo entre sus pertenencias de la nave.
-Tiene toda la razón- respondió Peter- esa iba a ser otra de mis razones para pedir de nuevo hablar con su abuelo, pero ya veo que lo tenia previsto. Bien, si no hay mas remedio hágame el favor de decirme como encontrar todo lo que le sucedió a su abuelo durante los días previos y durante el impacto de las bombas en el territorio chino.

chapter 08


Peter approached the viewpoint of the cabin to see, as they descended, the extent and distribution of the military base.
Having a view of all, he thought to himself as he looked carefully at each corner of the base. I saw two training camps in the north, a huge garage where he supposed that they would keep the entire fleet available, distributed by a vast barracks each grid in your area, there were some so old that the owners, in the ground which had about their hut, they raised their little piece of grass and some managed to make a little garden with vegetables typical of the area. The docking area was at the south end next to a runway unusable and where, in his time, landing and taking off of aircraft and helicopters crowd, now obsolete due to lack of fuel and, consequently, the disposal of such apparatus. The center of mass of communications and receiving antennas and stations was located in the exact center of the base, with what Peter meant it could be the headquarters offices, though now totally neglected and no maintenance plants mainly vines survived almost all kinds of weather and in the area had good reserves of clean water.
Below them, I notice that the ground crew was conducting docking maneuvers, there were still some 30 meters to touch solid ground. Suddenly one of them triggered a mechanism made of 4 pylons at the corners of the berthing area come out fired wires to the airship. These cables used similar technology to maglev (the ancient magnetic rail trains) each had a different frequency and polarity in the same module but different meaning and direction to the 4 points of support were in the cab shell airship, when the airship reached a certain height from 20 to 35 meters, these cables are released into the airship. Then the magnetic attraction makes the rest of the paper making each cable end is directed to a different prop and so achieve a perfect tie to the airship.
-It will be a matter of going out preparing for Peter
Peter turned and saw Mary Rose was supported as part of the entrance with a strange passivity and relaxation in it.
-I am straight, I had never seen so first row is part of the trip. It’s great truth-answered Peter.

‘All right, said Rose Mary – I find in my room if you need anything. As you can see into yours and start collecting what you need to have on hand, leave the rest in the cabin. The airship apart from use of means of transport will also be our property. No need to bother anyone with more beds available.
Peter nodded and turned around to continue watching through the glass all that was around.
A few minutes went to his cabin. Once he stand there looking all around, thinking that’s what I need to wear for interviews and some other unforeseen event that may arise. The recorder of course would have to take a mp4 gnawed at the time of before the war that accompanied him everywhere, luckily all this time had never broken the solar charger that came built into it (it was the latest models out) always suited him not only to record the interviews and further reports that come to mind but also had to hand his large collection of classical music which today was so difficult, if not impossible, achieve. Gun’s and Roses, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and strangely morbid and also the odd song from a singer who seemed to remember was called Britany Spear or something. He saw in his suitcase he had brought his Swiss Army knife and put it in your pocket, you never know when it would take some of its more than 20 accessories, a small pouch that soon would fill with some whiskey at the bar of the airship and sunglasses. Already prepared and ready for what was to come, Peter went to the cabin of Mary Rose.
Just as I was about to knock the other side hear the voice of Mary Rose.
-Yes, we reached the base Dempsey. You will interview a couple of officers and shop around for the facilities and surroundings. No, I know they will ask. Roger, I know more about command him a report.
Peter, surprised, asked who would be speaking with Mary Rose. It was clear that at all times they were referring to him and what he was doing. He did not like the idea that he was being watched as they usually always came accompanied with the intervention and censorship of his articles.
Clearly angry at the prospect in his head began to emerge a sea of ​​questions and suspicions. What did? ¿Mary Rose would ask directly about the conversation he had heard? Was he trying to go secretly sonsacándole that information? Or forget the matter directly and focused on what lay ahead was not enough? He knew he had carte blanche President Muteleen to find out everything you want and write down everything you see and hear, so I missed that these questions come from him, well, Mary Rose was supposed to respond directly to the president and that he could not think who else might be to maintain this kind of conversation.
In the end, not without reluctance, decided not to say anything and that once had the opportunity speak with President Muteleen to find out what was going on, whether it was him that was requiring that information or, conversely, there was another interested Case and Mary Rose was leaking information to these people.
– Ahh! For god Peter that scared me exclaimed Rose Mary just as she opened the door What think you’re doing is standing in front of the door of my cabin? How you got there?
– Just feel I just got the shock-responded with alertness Peter was going through mentally if I had everything you need to call before landing. I did not realize you were opening the door, really sorry.
Rose Mary stayed a while looking into the eyes of Peter, trying to see if he told the truth. Luckily for Peter what he said was half true and did not realize the deception. Or at least that’s what Peter thought.
– Well then if you’re all ready, let’s get moving, said at the end of Rose Mary and began to walk by going to the hatch of the cabin.
Peter waited for a moment and stared at Mary Rose as she went. She was wearing a gray trench coat reaching to below the knees more. Make out the electrical stunning on the wrist of it and figured under that coat would have prepared a mini arsenal. What could be more surprises this enigmatic woman?
– Well, what? Do you think there stunned or come stay with me? – Rose Mary reproached him from the other side of the aisle, quite upset because he did not like that people will stay watching.
– Sorry, sorry, Peter embarrassed babbling lately I do not know what happens to me I have a lot of things on my mind.
And the two went to the hatch of the cabin. Commander Alfred and his crew were waiting next to the hatch, waiting for instructions.
– Commander, you and your crew the ship stay tuned. The two members of the escort will accompany us, do a complete maintenance and safety ring. Be prepared when I can ship for takeoff. – I direct Mary Rose.
– Do we know where our next destination? – Ask the commander Alfred.
Rose Mary was left a moment looking at Peter awaiting a response.
– No, we do not know yet. Until we find out all I have to know about here either decide for me which will be our next destination. Get the idea that you will be given the destination at the time of takeoff – Peter answered at the end, seeing that everyone was staring at him.
– Very well understood. Here we will be waiting and everything for your arrival. – Commander answered without Alfred.
And without delay Peter and Rose Mary descended the stairs to the ground. At the end of the steps, we expect the two pilots of the airships from escort of BDUs and well armed with two rifles subsonic and electric stunners like the Mary Rose that he had. With them was also a couple of soldiers who belonged to Peter assumed the base.
– Welcome to the base Dempsey, Colonel Neal’m responsible for the safety of these facilities, ‘said the soldier who saw Peter was senior-This is truly a strange and unexpected visit. Until a few minutes have passed since we have been located on radar we have identified. It seemed strange and as we wanted to immediately inform us cut our superiors, telling them to help them in anything they asked. Well, orders are orders, here we have for what they want.
– Perfect thank you very much, ‘said Col. Rose Mary-forgive the strangeness of the situation but discretion and confidentiality are absolutely necessary on this trip. Peter ¿Where are you wanting to go first?
Peter will keep thinking for a moment and replied.
-I go to see Colonel Wagner, then with what we say will have a better idea of ​​how to broach the subject with the locals.
And turning away the colonel indicated they accompany him to the road in front of them. Once off, the jeep was started by going to the offices that Peter saw with telecommunications antennas as they descended on the blimp.
– What do you know the history of this base? – I ask Colonel Neal.
I suppose that more less what everyone answered Peter – this database was created in January 2013, initially as the spearhead of NATO forces As events were coming, the base was transformed into a checkpoint and since weather intelligence to control the consequences of nuclear attack.
-In part this is true – as Peter said Colonel saw a glimmer of a smile on the face of Rose Mary – we were supposed to be representing the NATO to control the possible scenarios of conflict in the Middle East area. But the truth is that the base was established from the beginning knowing that he would produce some kind of military intervention in China, it is clear that none of those who were in the middle and lower echelons assumed it would be a nuclear attack even less, that our officers were involved in the plot that I have as an end this tragedy.
After the attack the base was used to hold refugees fleeing the disaster areas, I think I can say we live in the darkest scenes in the history of our army, but I think Colonel Wagner better tell them that part of history and who was present.
And while the road continued on his way Peter was left thinking about the atrocities and victims who have gone through the ground without thought of as the Information Filter army came to hide everything that happened here during the early years of the war.