Continuing the story of Colonel:
August 13, 2013:
Dempsey base is active and a few weeks ago. The movements have increased in recent days. Do not keep pouring more troops and supplies. This is crazy, when I arrived for over a month and I was assigned control of the patrols, I thought it was going to be very little accountability and could devote myself to other pursuits, but do not stop coming input control reports, attempts penetrate the base, robberies, invasions defensive perimeter and many other things.
Across the walls of the base is not very different, are many movements of Chinese soldiers and the general public is uneasy, fearful of what is clearly going to be hopelessly.
Talks between the two countries remain stalled, never stop saying that unlocked all the money that we believe have hijacked and that is the main cause of all the problems caused by the global crisis we are all suffering. They respond yet all the while they can not do that because it would sink the economy not only in his country but also the economy of other countries, they have not abducted or retained any money. All I have done is to export their products and sell them on the international market, at the same time imports are lower because almost all raw materials and the needs are within its borders. They have the audacity to say that the blame for everything that is happening is our prices by speculating and trying to maintain the hegemony of our currency in the international market instead of letting other currency, stronger and with a more realistic value, take place and make international transactions are more beneficial for everyone.
Meanwhile crossing intensifies threats, had it not been for the mediation of the European Union and Russia, the magazine would have long since burst.
When you reach the base, I could not imagine that it would become such a hotbed, were all very quiet. We had the freedom to wander the surrounding villages and the locals were very friendly to us. When the captain received me in his office the first time we met, I gave a talk that I found exaggerated for the little I saw on the way to my arrival.
“Welcome Colonel, congratulations on your promotion. Know that this is not an easy target, you will have to open your eyes and be alert constantly. You take care of checks and patrols the defensive perimeter defense, something very sensible and necessary for the base. It is a great responsibility which, as I read in your file, you can totally see who can cope without pressure.
Above all we must be alert to any movement of troops overseas. We do not want you in the middle of the night we were surprised with a quick attack or penetrate into the base. And the villagers, I would not trust much. That bunch of communists seize any our weakness to sabotage our operations or filter information to their bosses. ”
“Troops” I thought. I did not see a single soldier all the way to the base of arrival. And that’s not outdated adequate philosophy of thinking that all who live under a communist authorities are exaggerated communist saw it too.
I relaxed even more when, on the following day, accompanied by some of my subordinates, visited the village and found firsthand the hospitality and friendliness of its people.
But that peace and tranquility was short. Within weeks began arriving ample supplies and soldiers, both on our part and on the part of the Chinese. Negotiations reached an impasse and had increasingly more raids to the base, so the commander’s paranoia rose considerably, considering a possible Chinese invasion. So he kept asking for more weapons and more soldiers.
I saw everything in the reports of inspection patrols and perimeter were thefts of food, medicine and all the people that were able to capture people in the village, hopefully if captured by people who knew the base gave part but, without knowing how, managed to escape and received no punishment. The townspeople would be going bad because with what little they had, now they had to sustain Chinese troops who were settling in the area. The discomfort was obvious, but never saw it were any military incursion just trying to survive this situation very desperate people.
Following this, intensified patrols the defensive perimeter was reinforced, first with metal fences. When it was discovered digging to pass under them, he put a double fence and between the two fences were placed trained dogs attacking anyone who entered within that area. Every night he hears a scream always some poor bastard trying to circumvent that stretch, hoping to have a chance.
Today it seems that the news is promising. Negotiations have resumed between the two countries, it seems that there is a very clear stance towards peace by both sides. Even here, everything looks much calmer. Chinese troops are working with the locals doing growing areas, repairing houses and roads. I do not receive almost no reports of attempts to penetrate the base. Tranquility.
Damn when I wrote the above lines.
After noon the base commander has ordered the state of red alert and mobilized all base personnel. This has been crazy, nobody knew what was happening. Both on and off base everything seemed to be falling apart.
Radio communications and did not stop all the noise was, he could not see that was what was happening.
Suddenly I saw it. One of the soldiers who accompanied me during the inspection of the perimeter called me asking me to direct my gaze directed skyward.
I could make 5 large fireball followed by a big trail of smoke each making their way westward. I knew immediately they were. The missiles as his career and I could estimate its height were fired from far away and were already at the end of the parable, yet they still had a few thousand miles to reach your goal.
That could only mean one thing, ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Nuclear missiles fired from U.S. or Europe. Was petrified at the thought that we had launched a nuclear attack. What happened to the negotiations? Do we have them or their allies launched a nuclear attack and this was the answer? Was this a tactical response or had entered the feared nuclear war?



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