Extract obtained from documents of Colonel Wagner:
June 20, 2013:
Just got a statement from the high command to the base commander. After handing in hand, was leaving his office when he asks me to wait.
-This statement I just came Captain concern you – said the commander Willman.
-If I may ask sir What do you want from me the high command? – Answered without leaving the position.
By hand, the commander told me to sit down in front of his desk. As I walked to the chair, I saw frowned as he reviewed the statement.
– Captain, I’m more than proud of his service over the years on the basis of Chirchik. You are an example for your peers and subordinates – the commander stood a moment and went on to say – now appears that all that effort will be rewarded.
– Rewarded sir? – Ask totally surprised by the praise that I just received.
– I have in my hands the order of immediate transfer to the new base Dempsey, bordering China’s Xin Jiang. This is accompanied by a promotion to colonel, when they arrive at the destination will be given their orders and delivery.
I become white. I hoped to one day reach Colonel but not as fast. In my head spinning ideas to a very great speed. I thank the commander told me that I sit, because if not at that time could have remained standing.
-Son – Commander interrupted my ramblings – take a breath and calm down. It is a lot to take at once. A new destination to a totally new and a direct ascent with greater responsibilities.
Think carefully before you decide anything, you remember that in your hand or not to accept this transfer. I can help you if you want to reject it, saying their great work on this basis and the need to stay here. In the end the decision is yours.
– Lord, because you tell me that warning about all this? – Trying to read between the lines ask what I wanted to say – What do you know about the base Dempsey?
– There is no information on the base, is not yet active. Is supposed to begin next week came the activity and personnel assigned to the base.
All I can say, and that’s what I said above, this is one of the hottest areas of the planet. Everyone knows that, since he came to light all the information about the economic collapse and the suspicions that China was the cause of all, our country is going to have to make a move. Many troops are moving around the country. It’s like trying to corner a rat, can be cast while back but when they see no escape attack with all his might, and this rat is very large, well he is.
– Lord, all you’re doing is supposed to be a possible preventive movements occupation of China to friendly and allied countries – said to try to dispel their doubts.
-Hahahaha – commander laughed heavily-son, do you think that if China had not wanted would have occupied all the territories that border it long ago?
– No, this is not a defense motion and show of force -. Affirm the commander – all this is rather a movement of siege and containment is what worries me, because I see no consistency with what is supposed to our president meant foreign policy.
– Lord thank you for your words. The’ll remember when making my decision I said with gratitude – it does not order anything else I retire and I’ll tell you tomorrow what my decision.
– You can go, but think through what they will do, their future and maybe something else depends on it.
I left the office of the commander concerned.
Everyone knew how they had increased tensions between the U.S. and China, especially from the statements of the President of the Bank of America that the global deficit increase, retention credit, unemployment and economic inactivity were primarily China’s fault and how this country is appropriating both dollars and Euros without re-let market circulasen.
But he was trying to develop this problem diplomatically. He saw no reason, with all the conversations that were taking place, that our country decided to make a military intervention.
Most likely it’s all a show of force and an attempt to tilt the talks for us showing our determination.
The next day after a sleepless night mulling over the head about what I should do, I went to the office of commander.
Sir Do you give your permission?
– Go ahead, Captain. Take a seat – the commander replied without looking up at some papers he had in his desk.
– Well? What is your response to the move?
– Lord – responded with all firmness I could muster – I will accept the transfer and promotion. I considered everything I said and one of the reasons that lead me to make that decision is just that. Being an officer of the base, I can be aware of what is happening and have some influence on what happens in that area.
She knows that I am a person who likes honesty, obedience, loyalty and discipline – continued exposing – for any illegal or excessive action can I take the opportunity to speak. I just hope that what little I can do serve to maintain peace in the area and that their suspicions are confirmed.
– Well said son, is what I expect from you – the commander said with pride in his eyes protruding – just hope you achieve and maintain that serenity not stop its efforts with something or someone to overshoot and threatening integrity.
The commander rose from his chair, and standing at attention saluted me martial energy, to which I immediately replied, standing up like lightning and returning the greeting with all my respect.

– Colonel. It has been an honor to serve with you on this basis, and I can only thank him for his services during this time. I want you just as well go wherever their way dictate destiny.
And while I retreated to his office, I could see in his eyes perceived brightness of emotion and paternalism, something that never fade from my memory.



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