chapter 08


Peter approached the viewpoint of the cabin to see, as they descended, the extent and distribution of the military base.
Having a view of all, he thought to himself as he looked carefully at each corner of the base. I saw two training camps in the north, a huge garage where he supposed that they would keep the entire fleet available, distributed by a vast barracks each grid in your area, there were some so old that the owners, in the ground which had about their hut, they raised their little piece of grass and some managed to make a little garden with vegetables typical of the area. The docking area was at the south end next to a runway unusable and where, in his time, landing and taking off of aircraft and helicopters crowd, now obsolete due to lack of fuel and, consequently, the disposal of such apparatus. The center of mass of communications and receiving antennas and stations was located in the exact center of the base, with what Peter meant it could be the headquarters offices, though now totally neglected and no maintenance plants mainly vines survived almost all kinds of weather and in the area had good reserves of clean water.
Below them, I notice that the ground crew was conducting docking maneuvers, there were still some 30 meters to touch solid ground. Suddenly one of them triggered a mechanism made of 4 pylons at the corners of the berthing area come out fired wires to the airship. These cables used similar technology to maglev (the ancient magnetic rail trains) each had a different frequency and polarity in the same module but different meaning and direction to the 4 points of support were in the cab shell airship, when the airship reached a certain height from 20 to 35 meters, these cables are released into the airship. Then the magnetic attraction makes the rest of the paper making each cable end is directed to a different prop and so achieve a perfect tie to the airship.
-It will be a matter of going out preparing for Peter
Peter turned and saw Mary Rose was supported as part of the entrance with a strange passivity and relaxation in it.
-I am straight, I had never seen so first row is part of the trip. It’s great truth-answered Peter.

‘All right, said Rose Mary – I find in my room if you need anything. As you can see into yours and start collecting what you need to have on hand, leave the rest in the cabin. The airship apart from use of means of transport will also be our property. No need to bother anyone with more beds available.
Peter nodded and turned around to continue watching through the glass all that was around.
A few minutes went to his cabin. Once he stand there looking all around, thinking that’s what I need to wear for interviews and some other unforeseen event that may arise. The recorder of course would have to take a mp4 gnawed at the time of before the war that accompanied him everywhere, luckily all this time had never broken the solar charger that came built into it (it was the latest models out) always suited him not only to record the interviews and further reports that come to mind but also had to hand his large collection of classical music which today was so difficult, if not impossible, achieve. Gun’s and Roses, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and strangely morbid and also the odd song from a singer who seemed to remember was called Britany Spear or something. He saw in his suitcase he had brought his Swiss Army knife and put it in your pocket, you never know when it would take some of its more than 20 accessories, a small pouch that soon would fill with some whiskey at the bar of the airship and sunglasses. Already prepared and ready for what was to come, Peter went to the cabin of Mary Rose.
Just as I was about to knock the other side hear the voice of Mary Rose.
-Yes, we reached the base Dempsey. You will interview a couple of officers and shop around for the facilities and surroundings. No, I know they will ask. Roger, I know more about command him a report.
Peter, surprised, asked who would be speaking with Mary Rose. It was clear that at all times they were referring to him and what he was doing. He did not like the idea that he was being watched as they usually always came accompanied with the intervention and censorship of his articles.
Clearly angry at the prospect in his head began to emerge a sea of ​​questions and suspicions. What did? ¿Mary Rose would ask directly about the conversation he had heard? Was he trying to go secretly sonsacándole that information? Or forget the matter directly and focused on what lay ahead was not enough? He knew he had carte blanche President Muteleen to find out everything you want and write down everything you see and hear, so I missed that these questions come from him, well, Mary Rose was supposed to respond directly to the president and that he could not think who else might be to maintain this kind of conversation.
In the end, not without reluctance, decided not to say anything and that once had the opportunity speak with President Muteleen to find out what was going on, whether it was him that was requiring that information or, conversely, there was another interested Case and Mary Rose was leaking information to these people.
– Ahh! For god Peter that scared me exclaimed Rose Mary just as she opened the door What think you’re doing is standing in front of the door of my cabin? How you got there?
– Just feel I just got the shock-responded with alertness Peter was going through mentally if I had everything you need to call before landing. I did not realize you were opening the door, really sorry.
Rose Mary stayed a while looking into the eyes of Peter, trying to see if he told the truth. Luckily for Peter what he said was half true and did not realize the deception. Or at least that’s what Peter thought.
– Well then if you’re all ready, let’s get moving, said at the end of Rose Mary and began to walk by going to the hatch of the cabin.
Peter waited for a moment and stared at Mary Rose as she went. She was wearing a gray trench coat reaching to below the knees more. Make out the electrical stunning on the wrist of it and figured under that coat would have prepared a mini arsenal. What could be more surprises this enigmatic woman?
– Well, what? Do you think there stunned or come stay with me? – Rose Mary reproached him from the other side of the aisle, quite upset because he did not like that people will stay watching.
– Sorry, sorry, Peter embarrassed babbling lately I do not know what happens to me I have a lot of things on my mind.
And the two went to the hatch of the cabin. Commander Alfred and his crew were waiting next to the hatch, waiting for instructions.
– Commander, you and your crew the ship stay tuned. The two members of the escort will accompany us, do a complete maintenance and safety ring. Be prepared when I can ship for takeoff. – I direct Mary Rose.
– Do we know where our next destination? – Ask the commander Alfred.
Rose Mary was left a moment looking at Peter awaiting a response.
– No, we do not know yet. Until we find out all I have to know about here either decide for me which will be our next destination. Get the idea that you will be given the destination at the time of takeoff – Peter answered at the end, seeing that everyone was staring at him.
– Very well understood. Here we will be waiting and everything for your arrival. – Commander answered without Alfred.
And without delay Peter and Rose Mary descended the stairs to the ground. At the end of the steps, we expect the two pilots of the airships from escort of BDUs and well armed with two rifles subsonic and electric stunners like the Mary Rose that he had. With them was also a couple of soldiers who belonged to Peter assumed the base.
– Welcome to the base Dempsey, Colonel Neal’m responsible for the safety of these facilities, ‘said the soldier who saw Peter was senior-This is truly a strange and unexpected visit. Until a few minutes have passed since we have been located on radar we have identified. It seemed strange and as we wanted to immediately inform us cut our superiors, telling them to help them in anything they asked. Well, orders are orders, here we have for what they want.
– Perfect thank you very much, ‘said Col. Rose Mary-forgive the strangeness of the situation but discretion and confidentiality are absolutely necessary on this trip. Peter ¿Where are you wanting to go first?
Peter will keep thinking for a moment and replied.
-I go to see Colonel Wagner, then with what we say will have a better idea of ​​how to broach the subject with the locals.
And turning away the colonel indicated they accompany him to the road in front of them. Once off, the jeep was started by going to the offices that Peter saw with telecommunications antennas as they descended on the blimp.
– What do you know the history of this base? – I ask Colonel Neal.
I suppose that more less what everyone answered Peter – this database was created in January 2013, initially as the spearhead of NATO forces As events were coming, the base was transformed into a checkpoint and since weather intelligence to control the consequences of nuclear attack.
-In part this is true – as Peter said Colonel saw a glimmer of a smile on the face of Rose Mary – we were supposed to be representing the NATO to control the possible scenarios of conflict in the Middle East area. But the truth is that the base was established from the beginning knowing that he would produce some kind of military intervention in China, it is clear that none of those who were in the middle and lower echelons assumed it would be a nuclear attack even less, that our officers were involved in the plot that I have as an end this tragedy.
After the attack the base was used to hold refugees fleeing the disaster areas, I think I can say we live in the darkest scenes in the history of our army, but I think Colonel Wagner better tell them that part of history and who was present.
And while the road continued on his way Peter was left thinking about the atrocities and victims who have gone through the ground without thought of as the Information Filter army came to hide everything that happened here during the early years of the war.



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