Peter awoke with a knot in the stomach, surprised by that feeling out into the hallway to find out what was going on.

-Calm, Peter – he heard a voice saying to him across the hall.

He was the commander Alfred, where he went to Peter and told him.

-They are air bags, small perturbations, the autopilot can not detect and makes a few hundred feet we fall when we enter one of these bags. It is perfectly normal, even more so in the area where we are.

– And where are we now? – Peter asked with difficulty while trying to keep that ball was in the stomach will rise into the throat.

-We are on Auletianas islands in the Bering Sea – Alfred replied – We still have about 8 hours away and we have to surround the Asian continent along the coast. It is impossible to go straight through Chinese airspace because of the radioactivity and environmental pollution, but in less than two hours would have reached our destination. Take it easy, take time and enjoy the ride.

Peter stayed at these words thoughtfully. If I could take all the time he had left, but not just to enjoy and for leisure. Looking at my watch and seeing that he had not yet dawned, took leave of the commander Alfred and returned to his room. Lying in bed trying to relax and go back to sleep but, between the stomach and the whirlwind of questions and ideas that passed through her mind was unable to sleep.

He began to recapitulate. They were heading to the base now Dempsey, located in Xinjiang province, near the ancient city of Kashi, one of the few safe areas of radiation within the borders of China. It was clear why the President asked Muteleen your first stop out there. The real beginning of the war and the discovery of who the real enemy was after the attacks of 18 October 2013, also called the day of desolation. That day’m stuck in the minds of all mankind, recalling the screams of over 1,100 million souls together disappearing when the nuclear attack impact throughout the central-eastern territory of the country.

Most of the contingent at the base Dempsey nuclear disaster are specialists and some of the officials at that time were in charge of missile units in the United States. Who better to tell them what happened during those days.

Besides also the province of Xinjiang is one of the few areas within the country where population is still of the old Republic of China, most of it alone, sterilized because of radiation or childless for fear of deformities caused by mutations of environmental pollution. They could have first hand what happened on that fateful day and as subsequently survived. Also how you responded to such an affront as the remnants of battered country, in a few days reduced to less than 10% of its original population. I knew it would be difficult, first and second Anglo-Saxon appearance because all these people to foreigners was extremely reserved, but had to get them to tell their version, thanks to the work being done, never will be forgotten as horror and thus, perhaps, not again commit such an atrocity.

I knew it would be very hard, but knowing that he could write freely all you saw and heard, nobody was going to censor anything which inspired the history, I encourage more to achieve your goal. Was feeling the tingling through her body once and forgotten, when looked at the possibility of finding a great news. Is assumed that when a true journalist, never ceases to be carried in and accompany you forever. Impatient, I keep tossing and turning in bed, until the voice of the flight attendant Scott was heard clear across the communicator on the wall.

-Breakfast is served in the main hall.

At these words Peter’s stomach growled with hunger and making you forget everything else, I made up a quick shower and dressing. Within minutes he was alone in the main hall admiring the great breakfast buffet had been prepared in the center.

A few minutes after finishing his second breakfast, began to appear the rest of the people who was on board. They were sitting down and taking his breakfast in the central table. Nobody said anything except for the commander who, when crossed with Peter I wish you good morning while heading to the central table.

Once everyone had finished breakfast, began to be encouraged to talk among the cliques that formed. While Peter looking at all the guests realized that Rose Mary had not yet arrived so I got up from the table, went to his room.

Knock on the door with no response, and as he was about to worry, appeared soaked in sweat with a towel around his neck.

Leave the gym and looking to have done our best. “It’s amazing,” thought Peter, “a woman of age continue to have that effect.” Rose Mary realized the presence of Peter at the door of his room and raised his hand slightly waved.

– Is everything all right? – Ask Peter.

-Yeah, yeah, all right. I only miss your absence at breakfast and came to see how you were – answered Peter.

– I’m not very social in some ways, Peter. While not necessary my presence, I like my solitude. However, in the mornings I like to do some exercise before breakfast do not have to worry about me. If you want you are welcome to join me in the morning to get some exercise, you could use either – Rose Mary said looking a little fun.

– I think I must decline the invitation – Peter replied with a short smile – some when we reach a certain age, we find it very difficult to continue to maintain a healthier way. Moving on, the commander has informed me that in about five hours to reach the base Dempsey and wanted to talk to you about it and see if you had everything in order for our arrival.

– Sounds good. How about if we are in the room in half an hour? – Mary Rose said – I take a shower, breakfast and talk about it.

-Okay, then we are there. Even in a while – were dismissed Peter.

So Peter went over the hall way waiting for Mary Rose arrived.

When I saw the living room, sitting on one of the sofas, Alfred was the commander, greeted him and sat by his side making use the umpteenth cup of coffee.

– In a moment, go up the bridge to begin with the approach and landing maneuvers – Commander Alfred told – by now being a trip of more quiet and the autopilot is taking over the ship superbly. What a difference from when we had to be on your toes, until recently, raids and ambushes by the enemy.

– I see you now have a more relaxed. I suppose you spent your bad shots while we were at war. Hopefully we can get used to and that these changes – said Peter – Miss Lush told me personally selected the crew and the escort. How long have you known her?.

– Rose Mary ?- Said Alfred – because if memory serves me, I know from 12 years ago. Served together in Germany, under the command of Colonel Christopher Weggeman at Spangdahlem Air Base. We were both assigned to the 52 fighter wing. We were there until the 2016 biological attacks, when all we had to withdraw troops from Europe. Those attacks left a great pain in our hearts, but Rose Mary more. In these attacks lost his brother. And then, until about 5 years ago we did not match. It was when I was assigned the command of this old coffee maker. I saw much changed, harder, more inflexible. I do not know what has been happening at this time but must have been something very serious to leave that scar on your soul. Anyway you could not fall into better hands. If your life depends on Mary Rose will not be fine I can assure you.

Peter reflect on what the commander Alfred comment. “So it has not always been like” Peter thought “well I hope it will eventually show a little less cold.”

– Well if you do not mind, it’s time to start preparations – said the commander Alfred – Nice talking to you Peter. I hope we have these conversations more often.

And he arose and went to the bridge.

In those moments, Rose Mary entered the room and waving briefly the commander Alfred, continued to where Peter was.

– Can I get you some coffee? – Peter asked getting up from the couch.

– No thanks. Now I use myself – Rose Mary said dryly.

He poured himself a coffee and took a couple of toast, and sitting in an armchair in front of where he was Peter commented while sipping coffee.

– At the base Dempsey are already aware of our arrival. The safety plan is marked and we should not have any problem with it.

– Cool – said Peter – and when we get I like to see the situation on the ground. Also talk to someone from the veterans of the base and if I could be with local people. The more first hand information as I can get better contrast I can do it then.

– No problem I think. Local people and has spent many years living with the base and through it has escaped more than a scare. There is still many people in time of the bombing, and what you have is up to you how you are able to empathize with them. And you were looking for within the base I think it is Colonel Thomas Wagner, has been around since the beginning of the base and before that was serving at Manas airport in Kyrgyzstan. I think it’s the best person to tell you his point of view what happened in those days, ‘said Rose Mary.

– Okay, well then as we go down to the airship will try to contact that Colonel Wagner. He makes an interview and while trying to make a trip inland to talk to some of the locals. – Commented Peter enthusiastic about the effectiveness and memory of Rose Mary – Thank you for the information.

– Well if you have nothing more to say go up to the bridge and I’ll get back to the base Dempsey to give the necessary orders so that everything is ready on arrival – Rose Mary said finishing his coffee and got up and leave with a slight wave of his hand went to the bridge.




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