In the airship, Peter can only wonder. In contrast to the austerity that was in the office of President Muteleen, here luxury and technology was present in every corner. Carpeted floors, a huge hall in the center with comfortable chairs and tables woods are crowned by a court prepared to arts events, a bar flanked by shelves with the best spirits and noble spirits, some of which no longer could be found for sale. A staircase gave access to the top where the single rooms were located for passengers, all with King-size double bed and dressed in the finest silks. Down the stairs were the same gym with heated pool, a video room with a huge 168-inch screen and a viewpoint from which one could see as far as the eye reached included under our feet as the floor was also safety glazing.
Mary Rose realizing how amazed and confused that Peter was clarified.
-The airship is one of the first to be built and made specific to the cabinet of GUN the former president to Muteleen used it continuously for their movements and even came to be used as residence. Hence, this conditioning so. President Muteleen not rarely used, unless to accompany dignitaries for issues of protocol, it is ridiculous and in bad taste to be surrounded by so much as it lies over the world today. I guess if we have assigned this airship is because he knows we’re going to spend much time outside. We wanted to ensure maximum comfort and incidentally get rid of this old junk that makes you feel uncomfortable, with the latter sketch a half smile.
They went into the room and found the crew, who were waiting in line for their arrival. The man who was more to the right is a step ahead, saluted Mary Rose, which responded with a slight nod, and performed.
‘Good afternoon, Miss Lush. Mr. Laurent. Let me introduce myself I’m the commander Alfred Seedy and I’m in charge of this aircraft and its crew. Beside me is my co-pilot Lieutenant Bank also responsible for the safety of the ship and command of the security escort who will accompany us, and the girls and Scott Jensen will be your hostess, please contact them for anything they need.
‘Good afternoon, saying Achievement Peter out of his perplexity Peter Please call me and let me skip the ranks as we will spend a long time together.
‘As you like Peter. We will take off automatically, if they wish can join us in the cockpit during takeoff maneuvers. – Commander Seedy answered.
Peter looked at Mary Rose hoping that would answer that only got a shrug. Assuming that he agreed, accepted the invitation of the commander and headed to the bridge.
In the bridge only had two seats, the commander and co-driver. This was due to not having to suffer sharp and sudden accelerations as in airplanes is not felt necessary as a safety but rather comfort. Normally only had access to the bridge officers of the crew, the flight attendants had their own seats in the office area off the kitchen. Peter and Rose Mary stood beside each one of the seats resting his hands on the back.
It was the first time I saw Peter as driving a blimp, though he had already read about how it works many times in the long course of his travels in search of the news and knew essentially never seen in person the elements of the bridge .
The first thing she noticed was in the neural link, a sort of flat metal tiara that fit the pilot’s skull which, by bioelectric sensors located inside the headset, the brain waves picked up and transformed into data compiled so that, via wifi, onboard computer understand and execute the orders of flight launched by the pilot of his brain. This course is required and some experience and training that had to be constantly paying attention to flight instruments and surrounding the aircraft, but at a certain level of experience the orders were transmitted almost in a subconscious and the pilot could be also serving other purposes. The control panel was quite simple, a few altitude indicators and perpendicular to the horizon, another wind speed and relative speed of the airship, numerous lights situation helium chambers and computer screen on board in which lead after takeoff maneuvers the pilot could enter the desired destination, check the overall status of the ship and activate the autopilot.
-Let-off co-pilot radioed both the control tower as the escort-take position and stay at a distance of 200 meters latter led to the escort.
Pilot and copilot looked at each other and nodded in unison. Were placed tiaras and they sat in the seats. At that moment the ship was like taking a life. All control lights were lit in green. In the crystal of the bridge could be seen as a myriad of data were dumped while in the center marking the HUD lit slope, wind speed and target position. At the time the commander took a strong inspiration, the airship began to rise slowly, when I reach an optimum altitude airship began to accelerate gradually to reach cruising speed. While this was Peter able to observe how both the commander and his copilot, were paying no attention to indicators that this lessened their ability to concentrate on flying the spacecraft. Something truly remarkable and showing the experience of these two seasoned pilots. Once the active co-pilot route on autopilot, leaving the computer in full control of the airship.
-Well if you want we can go to the salon for a quick snack, said as he rose Seedy commander.
Totally agree with you Peter Alfred replied cheerfully, led since landing this morning at Liberty Island without having eaten any.
The four left the bridge, heading to the Hall where the two assistants were already preparing some delicious food and drink something cool. They sat on the comfy sofas, while Miss Scott told the menu and took note of what each wanted.
Once satisfied hunger, while serving delicious espressos, years ago that Peter could not take the luxury of a real coffee at most one of these substitutes soluble and not always, the commander Seedy start the conversation.
-Peter, when we reported this service, the truth is not given much information of what was to be the work. Only we were told we had to be at the beck of your commands and not guardáramos we commented to anyone or any record of our activities. Now you have told us that we go to China but could you explain more of this mission? What are the objectives, targets and duration?
‘If I’m honest I would not know to tell you,’ said Peter
And then Mary Rose was incorporated and looking at cutting the two pilots said that Peter was about to say.
Seedy-Commander, have been given the necessary orders need not know anything more. This is a top secret mission and we can not allow even the slightest leak. As we progress we will inform the next steps, but meanwhile please refrain from asking anything more about it. You are excellent soldiers, an unblemished reputation, so I have personally chosen so you can understand this kind of situation. Behave as such and follow orders
-Please Tranquilicémonos all Peter interrupted all know perfectly well that these are dangerous times and even understand the questions raised, particularly by the issue of safety, the commander and his crew. But I have to tell Alfred, which I can not tell if I wanted more than you know. For now we go to China. Neither is the time we will be there, nor the next destination. The rest said Rose as well, we can not say anything and not because you distrust. The less you know is better for you.
The commander relax their attitude to the response of Peter and drinking coffee, who served him, made himself comfortable on the couch, giving a fleeting, almost imperceptible glance at his passenger, Mary Rose noticed something at the time and ask him to was due.
They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about trivialities such as the history of the airship, asking Peter about his field work in telling old war and combat experiences. When fatigue began to emerge in the face of Peter, the commander said Seedy.
‘Well I think if you’ll excuse me, I will go to the bridge to check that all is well. If you wish, and you have prepared your room. Morning with the first ray of sun you wake up for breakfast and, if all goes well, within hours we will have already landed at the military base Dempsey.
And thanks for the hospitality, Peter said goodbye to the present and made his way to his room. Already exhausted after such a busy day, only taking off your shoes, lay back in bed.
At that moment the doorbell rang. Mary Rose entered without waiting for an answer and staying planted in front of Peter said.
-Be very careful what you are going to say now. We can not trust anyone. As we told you Muteleen President of our own government will not agree with the work we have to do and certainly try by all means stop and not come to light their mistakes, failures and dirty tricks.
The less people know what we are doing better. So do not ever comment on any details of our work with anyone.
-You are absolutely right-I said that neither Peter had joined and was lying, I feel my stupidity will not happen again. You really do not trust either in the same staff person you have chosen?
-No, not that cast doubt on their integrity, rather ensuring they do. The less you know what they’re doing, the better for it
-Very good and clear when they had nodded Peter-you mind leaving the room, I rest. Tomorrow and see what they do in China. Now I have something in mind, but I’ll explain tomorrow.
And with a farewell until tomorrow, Rose Mary with angry face between his teeth and releasing all kinds of insults, left the room closing the door with restrained force.
“Finally some peace and quiet” Peter said to himself. And as he passed through the mind different ideas of where and whom to ask in China, it was not hard to fall asleep.
With the autopilot in place and all safety measures in order in a few hours the entire crew of the ship was already asleep. At that time somewhere in Tehran in a dark office someone receives an encrypted message in your microwave receiver terminal. “Suspicions confirmed, the president has not given anything Muteleen terminated. We turn now to China, I will have to report as good news “.
The enigmatic character delete the message from the server, closed the terminal and using an old landline phone, as they are the only communications that are not controlled, call their superiors.
-It has been confirmed. Muteleen President has required the services of Mr. Peter Laurent, do not know yet exactly what is proposed, but that now are heading to China.
– Do we even someone from our people in China? I ask the speaker to the other side of the line.
-Yes of course, ‘said the enigmatic character, since the incident there have always had staff assigned to go erasing all traces that could appear to us. They have captured many but we still have 2 or 3 people loyal to our cause.
-Well. Let them know of the arrival of Mr Laurent and command them to keep as close to him. I want to find out everything possible about their mission and possible routes to take. This is a priority. Now that we’re so close to achieving our project we can not leave any loose ends.
He will do as you wish, fine master. As our communications cease, shall command the necessary instructions to our contacts in China.
-Perfect. Peter Laurent follow you wherever you go and see if that gets too close to us, you know what to do. Keep us informed of any developments.
And the party across the line closed communication. At that time the enigmatic character terminal active again and the microwave receiver and sent the following message.
“Agent Ning. In these moments are approaching a civilian base Dempsey and Secret Service agent Rose Mary Lush. It is essential that as close as you can in this civil named Peter Laurent. We need to get data on their mission and the route you are following. Stay online for further instructions at the times indicated, is all.
And he closed all last time, took his hat and coat and off the few lights that gave some faint light into the room, out the door.




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