Peter left the office of President Muteleen, he kept mulling over the head on how to deal with the task entrusted to it. Continuous walking ignore what was happening around him, when suddenly, Rose Mary, who had headed the checkpoint soldier who greeted his arrival and was giving him a severe reprimand, he noticed Peter, took leave of soldier without informing him that he expected a severe penalty for his behavior and going to where Peter was called.
-Mr. Laurent Mr. Laurent  … please wait. Are you finished the meeting? If so I should leave in your hotel. Already one of my subordinates to accompany you to the airport for your return.
Peter paused, turning toward the place where Mary Rose and a bit ironic tone he said.
– Want to get rid of me so soon? You do not even have a dinner or a farewell drink tonight? – Said with a smile on his face that said not had much to grace Miss Lush-I think you better instead of heading to the hotel we go to home, as you will need to pack enough clothes and by the way.
– How? – Rose Mary anger already sweating from every pore of the skin-I have no time for nonsense Mr. Laurent, I’m a busy woman, and suddenly, when  the words of Peter  he said permeated the mind with more surprise even if it is – What do you mean you pack?
Peter enjoyed the moment. Seeing the puzzled face of Rose Mary, realizing that neither the president nor anyone on his team had informed Mary Rose even the reason for the visit of Peter and its future obligations in the near future, made him a kind of victory against the hitherto impassive and authoritarian Mary Rose.
‘I’m sorry to inform Miss Lush, but care from now on will call you Rose, that during the coming months you and I will hand in glove and we have a great task in our hands, which later “I’m going to report” – These last words were dropped Peter with a sarcastic tone, holding as far as he could laugh that was about to explode in your mouth.
– What do you mean the coming months? Nail and meat? What the hell you talking about?-Long spit all these questions, Peter saw the jugular every time was getting bigger and deeper into the neck of Mary Rose.
Active turning away the communicator, implanted subdermally between the shell and the external auditory meatus of right ear, pressing gently on the lobe of her ear and screaming with rage “office” I hope that will activate the communication.
Peter fun while watching the scene and realizing the communicator thought “at the end I’ll have to get one of those subdermal communicators.”
Like the chip intradermal his hand was the replacement of computers, newspapers, radio and television, subdermal communicator device was so famous achievement replace the mobile phone of the late twentieth early twenty-first century. This device introduced by hypodermic gun in the ear of the subject, had a small team of “nanos” which created a synthetic tube to the ear drum in question in order to get the sound to issue the communicator could be heard by the subject, also connected by nanorods getting through small holes in the palate to the lower lip in order to receive the same conversations. With one press lobe activates the communicator and saying to the person you want to speak just as a wireless communication sets, both the agenda and volume and other wireless was also fully configurable by intradermal chip is directly associated to the communicator once installed in the ear by signature DNA
– What! How do I have assigned to your escort? What the order comes directly from the president Muteleen?-You could hear Mary Rose angrily berating someone on the other side of the line.
And pushing back its hill lobe communication, stayed on the site glancing that frightened Peter and pushing back his earlobe, restrained voice said.
Peter, recognizing the president’s name Muteleen be surprised if anything even more by familiarity with Mary Rose keep the phone from the president on his agenda.
– When you had thought to tell me the surprise that had me ready? – Mary Rose rebuke to his party-How is it that I have assigned personal bodyguards of Peter Laurent and I have to follow until a new presidential order and serve you wherever you go to all their requests?
For a couple of minutes Rose Mary staring at the ceiling heard the explanations he gave the president Muteleen, occasionally directing the eyes toward the place where Peter was surprised sometimes at other times looking worried.
-Okay, if you think it is absolutely necessary I can not refuse. It is a “presidential order” – This last Rose Mary said with a hint of reproach, I’ll personally informed of what will happening, and do not worry I will keep them safe. Even for itself.
Hung up, and with some regret turned to where it was Peter. He turned to look into his eyes and knowing he could not object to nothing more said.
‘All right Mr. Laurent. You tell me you have at your disposal.
-First of all please call me and let me Peter I address you by name, ‘said Peter Rose-Let’s spend a long time together, except that these formalities are very tight for me, to give us a degree of informality help not draw much attention.
-Okay, I have no problem Peter. What do you want to do? ‘He said Rose and a little more relaxed.
-First of all, like I said, will be heading to your house and you prepare your bags. Then pick mine in the hotel. Once done, we find that all provisions Muteleen President is in order and then we go up to the airship to set route to China.
– China? Why just China? – Asked Rose Mary.
-It’s obvious is not it, although it has been the direct request of President, China was the actual outbreak of war was

already underway to 4 years more or less hidden.
Peter could not remedy a distressing time while coming to mind memories of the tragedy in China.
Rose-ahead, we have a titanic adventure ahead. Let’s get moving.
They went to the elevator, and descended to the basement where the driver who had brought them there waiting for them. He indicated the direction of Mary Rose’s house and while en route to the destination, the two were reviewing the provisions of Muteleen president.
The crew of the airship was chosen personally by President Muteleen, the pilot and his crew are people of great discretion and confidence we will have no problem with them, began to tell Rose-I think it would need to join us for three more agents have a greater degree of safety, of course would be chosen for myself. Escort pilots are veterans who know how to do a great job, I know many years ago and I answer them personally. And finally it is also important to know the route of our journey to give notice to the delegations of different countries we visit.
-It gives me great confidence to know the crew of the Zeppelins, I removed a problem off the meet and respond to them as well, ‘said Peter, but I do not agree to add more staff than we have already assigned, this is a very sensitive and if we call too much attention I’m sure we will have difficulties to continue our work. I think you and the drivers and escorts sufficient security for the trip. As I also think that not a good idea to mark a route and warn of our arrival delegations to countries where they are located, said that the president has warned me Muteleen people of the same government will want the information I will collect not come to light. Say where we only get easier to put them to work those people. Besides, if I have to be honest, now I know we’ll China. From there, we will not know which way. Depends on what you throw away clear.
Mary Rose could not help but agree with the explanation of Peter and unable to refute any of their arguments agreed to maintain the minimum security staff. They kept talking about the logistics, Peter I explain the allocation of funds to a government account and the real motives of the work that had been assigned as the President Muteleen I explain to him.
. So that’s what I had in mind the old sentimental, mmm … He thought aloud Rose Mary knew that was a few days quite rare, too deep in thought. No wonder you want to shine through all that information. If war has ended, but we know for sure if all opposing faction leaders have been captured or killed, and knowing how they could act in the shadows for so many years before we discovered and we put an end to their plans domination, wants to put an end to all this suffering truth and avoid as far as possible that history will repeat itself. Even if it means getting the bad apples in our own ranks. Ngambo is ultimately all a person of great honor and honesty and knows own meat that has been living in suffering and despair, qualities that make him the best person for the beginning of government and, hopefully, world peace.
-I see you have a great appreciation to President  Muteleen-inquired Peter-aside also familiar with the deal you’re referring to it. What type of bond unites you both to the self can know?
-I know many years ago, long before the formation of the GUN served together in the front and support each other in difficult times. Otherwise there is none of your business-blame Rose Mary.
-We have arrived, the driver warned.
-If you can accompany me, I invite you to Peter Rose Mary not take long to prepare everything necessary.
And out of the car went to the apartment building was the home of Mary Rose.
When Peter came to the apartment is not the least bit strange to see the home of this woman was so austere, almost Spartan might say. It was a functional home, where to sleep, eat and relax in solitude. There was almost no furniture and was completely clear. He looked at the time was not exactly the place where Mary Rose spent more time.
Moving to the area to be assumed that was the room, mostly because there was a bed, Rose Mary opened the cupboards, pulled out two huge bags of them. In an started putting with neatness and order all the clothes I had saved almost all sportswear and work. Peter can not see at any time any party or casual clothing, and wondered if this woman would eventually social life. After opening a drawer hidden, began to fill the other suitcase with all weapons, pistols, rifles subsonic, gas grenades, capsules recharges the electric stunner, and a couple of boxes that Peter could not identify who it was.
‘If these ready-Peter said in an amused tone.
-What every good housewife should have to take care of your home, lol, replied in the same tone Rose Mary.
– Could you tell me what’s inside the two boxes? Peter asked curiously.
– This? Just what I have as a last resort, if things get really ugly. Do not worry it is not toxic or nuclear.
Peter wondered if it was necessary above all that arsenal, but then thought that if it was a good idea, and that a woman with experience know that Rose Mary had good handle any situation with caution and use all that weaponry.
-Well I have it all preparado. Mary Rose said.
– Do not have anyone to say goodbye? Any friend, relative or animal?-Ask Peter puzzled.
‘No, Mary Rose was a bit grim at the question-and no one.
And seeing that it was best not to delve into the issue for now, Peter said.
-Okay, so now go to the hotel and picked up my luggage.
‘No need Peter, go directly to the airport. By the way tell any of my subordinates to collect everything in your room and send it directly to the airport. For when we get your luggage is already there.
‘Very well then go straight to the airport,’ said Peter.
They went down the street and loaded the luggage into the car. Told the driver to head for the ferry port being launched. During the rest of the way did not cross word. Rose Mary stayed very pensive and melancholy, and Peter, realizing that Rose would not feel much like talking at that time I let him spend the rest of the trip quiet and alone with his thoughts.
When they reached the port, instead of going to the pier to the ferry from Liberty Island, Rose Mary indicated a different path. And coming to the opposite side of the pier, Peter saw a speedboat was waiting to take them to Liberty Island.


Soon they were already at the foot of the steps of the airship, noting that each side of it were already willing to serve the two blimps escort, armed to the teeth and ready for anything.
I take a last look at the city across the water, and saying to himself that he could not see her again when he climbed the stairs entering the blimp.



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