The elevator stopped on the 30th floor, where were located the offices of government and cabinet. On leaving the hall, they saw a soldier sitting at the table of his sentry post, looking absently magazine. The soldier looked up and saw Rose Mary, with a bound stood at attention he said with a nervous voice.
-At your service, I give the notice of your arrival right now. Wait a moment please.
Rose Mary review the soldier with a glance up and down and totally outraged by the behavior of this soldier, said Peter a bank where they could sit while waiting. “Something tells me that soldier is out office work,” thought Peter.
After a few minutes, a woman came over to where they were, and told them with complete kindness.
-Mr President will see you now. If you are so kind to follow me.
They got up and followed the young girl, no older than 20 years. Another consequence of the war, because of the massive recruitment and atrocity of modern battles, almost might say that humanity had lost nearly two full generations. So, or people of working age was very old or very young, as was the case with this woman. Turning the first corner, saw a pair of large doors and Peter realized he did not need much help to find out what is the office of president.
She opened the door and Rose Mary, by standing at the door, she said.
‘Come in, I’m waiting out here. What the president has to deal with you is only with you.
And with some nervousness Peter entered into the office. As I enter I remain surprised, expecting something sumptuous magnificence of the expected global positions of authority, remembering the old days, the pompous offices of different presidents who saw on television. He found a carpeted office a couple of shelves placed on the wall, piles of paper on a big table in the other side of the room and piled on the floor. A pair of monitors hanging from the ceiling promptly informed of everything happening around the world that have an impact on the presidential response and a laptop on the table was the only technology visible. Sitting in a chair quite comfortable, President Muteleen got up, around the table and going to meet them raised his hand to Peter.
-Welcome Mr Laurent. Thanks for answering my call and forgive all possible inconvenience we have caused. – Said affably  the president.
– on the contrary Mr. President, it is an honor to be here and one day as memorable as today- answered with diplomacy Peter.
Peter observed President Muteleen a moment, at his 70-year-old he is a man quite well preserved. You could tell right away that when I could to get some exercise, have a balanced feeding and thanks to his physiognomy, common in his country that was once known as Senegal today Confederate Union of African States, not much noticed the signs of aging but perhaps by the hands and gray hairs that appeared scattered throughout the hair. He saw  that he had some semblance of concern, and that was strange especially differ from both the general condition of other people happy by the end of the war. The President ask him to sit in the chair opposite the presidential table, pushing a pile of papers that prevented him from being able to see Peter, he sat in his seat.
-Your  presence has been required, because we need your services to work quite sensitive. Given its experience in the journalistic world, especially in regard to war correspondent, and being used to travel from here to there looking for news, and especially the popularity of their work and contacts, I think you’re the person suitable for performing this task I want to assign. -Muteleen paused a moment looking at Peter’s face a reaction to the words he had said, however, that over the years Peter has learned to wait to know the full context of the story and not jump to conclusions remained serene waiting for Mr President continued with his presentation.
-As you may have noticed-Continuous the President – The news of the end of the war, was already widespread in the world, at least most of the population. Although there are isolated groups with some degree of isolation, which has not been possible to get them the news at the same time as everyone else, but shipments have been sent around the world through communication of the end of hostilities and, presumably, ordered to surrender to the enemy front groups – Muteleen then turned away with an air of dismay looking at the screen waiting for news to confirm the arrival of these shipments.
– Order of surrender? … Did hand that if I may ask? – Ask Peter with exaggerated curiosity.
-In due course all will be clarified Mr Laurent- replied Muteleen turning his attention to Peter- for now let me explain that I want to be your activity in the coming days, perhaps months.
People have been really animated with news of the end of the war, but I think we still have a gap in the last 15 years of not knowing is really as deep global change that has occurred as a result of this conflict. Nor do we know with certainty the cause of the outbreak of war, even as a group supposedly so few people with enough influence yes, made himself into an army so big and so scary that some weapons were able to face the world. But what most concerns us is the truth whether we have to end this threat, if indeed we have caught the real guiltys and instigators and that the humanity will be able to forgive the damage to itself. – Muteleen stopped for turning to fix a few seconds on screen and with an air of discouragement continued- for all that I entrust you to make a chronicle, his words reflect what occurred before, during and since all this has changed our society.
At that time Peter was there understanding why I remain petrified. The president wanted to initiate a daunting task without knowing how or where to start, he could not even utter a word to what I was hearing.
Muteleen seeing the surprise on the face of Peter smiled, and without giving an opportunity to respond went on to explain your offer.
-It may seem impossible, but keep in mind that unlimited resources available from us, you can ask anything he deems necessary. We know that some of the work already has seen more than his years as a war correspondent and one of the few that has managed to reflect honestly the atrocities committed in it. – With those words came to mind Peter what happened in Madrid – We believe you have sufficient capacity and determination to carry out this work and last but not least the complete impartiality so that future generations do not believe that history is rewritten by the winners . We do not ask to praise the achievements of us, but he abides by the truth and write the true story of the last two decades.
-What you are asking me, Mr. President, I am flattered but- finally responding Achievement Peter -do not you think that is within his government personnel sufficiently trained and last but not least more informed than I am now writing this story? As if that were not enough that I would take months to perform, his team could have it ready in a few days. If you want to make an impact the task you’re asking me to do, should be submitted as soon as possible.
-You’re wrong, Mr. Lawrence, I do not officially report by my office to submit to mankind, it would be useless- Muteleen replied- What I want is for you to record the story of what happened, hand of those who actually lived. From all over the world there are people who will be willing to tell what they experienced and share their memories of those dark years. Unfortunately, of all people who work for my government, no one is fair enough nor sufficiently prepared for this work, too many grudges, too many mistakes that these same people would be willing to erase from our memories and that’s not what I want. I want the truth both as the other side, the whole truth.
The firmness of the president’s words surprised Peter, and a sense of pride and admiration ran through the whole body. Encouraged by his words, began to think that something as big as what I was asking might be possible and an old flame, who believed extinct, began recorrerle by the bone.
‘All right, I agree,’ said Peter-but the story I write, I correct myself, there will then no intermediaries, no course corrections and no censorship. I do not know how long it take to get it so I can not require a delivery date, yes, you have my word that I will make every effort and energy into this task.
The president came face to welcome Peter and shaking his hand he say.
-I knew I could count on you. I could not have thought of anyone else for this job.
And turning to his desk continued.
-I accept your conditions of course, but I have also some from me. The first is that Miss Lush accompany him at all times. not to control him but rather for their safety. You know, some groups of people will disagree with the work being done and that as you go deeper in history, will make every effort to prevent you reach your goal. I have full confidence in Miss Lush’s been with me since the beginning of the GUN and loyalty and professionalism are unwavering. Maintain regular contact with me and only me to know of their progress and any request or need that has prompted it to Miss Lush, she will communicate directly to me.
-As I said earlier, Mr. President continuous-have all the resources and information that are in our hands. Now it is being transferred to an account linking secret government spending to yours identifier intradermal with unlimited funds, so use with caution and knowledge. Also we will offer a private airship of the presidential fleet with essential shipboard personnel, as well as an armed escort of 2 Army Zeppelins air to prevent possible attacks during his travels. Anything else you need not hesitate, ask Miss Lush.
An intermittent beep sounded suddenly in the table of Mr President and diverting attention to the computer that it was producing, Muteleen cable pulled out a computer screen and introduced him to the biotransformation bracelet he had in his right wrist. He sat down and within seconds the computer began to be energized by the energy extracted bioelectric the bracelet of his body and transformed into energy for the computer. Peter was surprised at the strength of Mr President, as is well known because few people are able to resist for long such bioelectrical energy extraction without being notice certain features of fatigue shortly begin the process. The average person can not hold more than 3 minutes the extraction of energy needed for the necessary consumption of a 100 watt light bulb, let alone to feed the batteries of a desktop computer. But the only sign of fatigue showed Muteleen was sitting comfortably in his seat fixing his gaze on the computer screen.
Well-started-Peter-I think it has been unclear. Of course the conditions are reasonable and accept them. So if you have nothing more to add I’ll get up Mr President.
-Just one more thing Mr Laurent. I would ask please that your first stop to gather information outside China, answered him Muteleen.
Peter realizing the reason for this request nodded.
-Good luck with your homework Mr. Laurent I wish him well. And please, take all the precautions he deems necessary, and be alert, said in a tone of farewell Muteleen.
‘Good afternoon then, and thank you for your trust in me Mr President.
And turning round went to the door, thinking, all that could be submitted in near future.


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