They waited until the ferry docked at the port, having reached its destination, waited a few minutes for the rest of the passengers disembarked, Rose Mary glanced into the hallway and making sure it was empty indicated to Peter to follow her.
When they left the ferry, Peter was shocked. Across the dock, an endless queue hoping to advance to board the ferry toward Liberty Island.
– Is it normal to such influx? – Ask Peter.
-No, it’s all because of the news of the end of the war. There have been many IDPs living here for years, waiting for news to go home and return with their loved ones. The dissemination of the news was like the starting gun for all these people. I truly hope they find what they want wherever they go.- Rose replied looking closely at the people waiting to access the ferry.
-Mmm, well, so if you have some heart. I had lost hope of a glimpse of feeling in your face Mrs. Lush. – Peter said ironically.
Rose Mary will look Peter a couple of seconds directly in the eyes, not understanding what he meant. When she realized it suddenly turn and continue forward without saying a word.
Just then an alarm sounded in the control station access to the ferry, they both turned in unison just to see how a man fleeing the checkpoint, while the officer stationed there screamed and tried in vain to reach between all those people.
Suddenly a shrill whistle to the side of Peter and before he realized the man was lying on the floor in convulsions. I turn my head and saw a small static discharge even peeked through the sleeve of the jacket of Rose Mary. – “A stunning electric” – thought Peter and a chill ran through his body, seriously rethinking joke or try anything with this woman.
The electric stunner was a very versatile weapon. As if it were a bracelet was coupled to the user’s wrist, was equipped with a capsule inside which were installed a battery stored energy which a charge of 300,000 volts and two electrodes that energy introduced into the body of the victim impact. These capsules were housed in a kind of pitchers who were using the electromagnetic repulsion to expel them, causing them to achieve to reach distances of 50 meters with an accuracy quite effective. You did not target a specific body part, if you reached the capsule it paralyzed you at the moment. The poor devil ran over towards them so they had no chance to dodge. It was quite unlikely to be realized until it fell prey to the convulsions produced by the discharge.
Finally the checkpoint agent came to the man lying on the floor, and watching the palm of his hand carefully said.
-Does not have the chip intradermal, well you could not go very far. Let’s see what explanation you give us.
Rose Mary looked at him contemptuously and comment.
-And then there are these people, seeing that its allies and friends flee fell trying not discover what they have done in front of our noses. Well the show is over, let Mr. Laurent.
They continued toward the exit port. Once outside an official car was waiting. They came and settled himself in the back seat, Rose Mary  tell the driver to head for the hotel where Peter would stay. Peter then had the opportunity to see the city from the window. After 20 years was unrecognizable. Almost none of the great skyscrapers, ancient symbol of this great city, still standing. Had in place a lot of holes, some with crews clean other workers coming to their debris removal. The sky, once invisible layer of contamination that was in the city, looked in all its majesty as the fossil fuels run out, the problem of pollution also fell with them. There were many electric cars, bicycles and cars on the road, respecting all speed limits and other traffic regulations, thanks to the traffic manager of the city which, from the basement of the city, managed the movement of traffic either in the same electric vehicles by automatic driving, or by means of light signals and lanes enabled them in the case of bicycles and cars, all thanks to the great chain of processors and sensors that had equipped so that driving was anything but dangerous even in a big city like this. This was the case of the car where they were. The driver indicated to the onboard computer the requested destination, and having established link with the traffic manager, he introduced the best route and when the manager saw him viable, the car was incorporated into the road by starting the journey to the hotel. The sole function was to supervise the driver that failed anything in the car and as a last resort take the controls of the vehicle if the automatic system failed.
Once they reached the center of the city, Peter was struck by the great mass of people who were in the middle of the streets, jumping, singing, hugging and congratulating themselves on the big news received. They had to stop the vehicle a couple of times, Rose Mary what bothers you notice a slight hint of nervousness about the situation and always with his hand on the wrist of the stunner. But it was not for the nightmare at least 20 years had ended, a new promising future loomed for tomorrow and hope and happiness reborn in these people who until recently lived their lives gray, sad and apathetic carried away by the current.
Once arrived at the hotel and Rose Mary took leave of the driver and she say return  for an hour at the entrance of the hotel. Agreed to the lobby of the building, addressing the reception, room reservation confirmed Peter. The woman who was behind the counter looked up and caught a moment when his eyes met the Rose Mary, then bend down and confirm the booking two adjoining rooms on the floor 42.
Peter wondered if your bags would already be in your room, and I arrived at the Hall of Plant 42 realized that strangely all the doors of the rooms on that floor were open, a couple of officers were stationed at various strategic locations to monitor all perimeter and Rose Mary indicated that would be his room.
-There will always be a couple of agents guarding the hallway, as I have noticed the entire floor has been reserved. Here we do not bother anyone, now if you want to have time to wash and change clothes before we head to the seat of the G. U.N. for your interview with the president.
And giving the reason to  the women, Peter went into his room and took a bath that you relax and tonify the bones. Broke up the suitcase, lie in bed and his mind went back the image of the man running and, in just a few seconds of runaway, collapsing before his eyes by the shock .Would it be a failure of the chip? Or a rebel who refused to VeriChip implantation? Of course if that were the case the question is how to survive and make transactions if, in theory, the only way to do it?
While rambling heard a knock at the door. He got up and quickly put some pants. Opened, Rose Mary expected across the door.
– Are you still not dressed?-Rebuke quite annoyed Within an hour has arranged the meeting with President Muteleen.
– In an hour? – Peter asked surprised.
– That’s right. I feel that with all the delay happened before has not had time to prepare, but so it goes. Dress quickly, I wait you  in the hall.
Peter closed the door and quickly slipped on a shirt, the first that caught the wardrobe, the jacket and shoes. Under the hall and then saw Rose Mary, went to her. As she approached Peter saw in his face peered in disbelief mixed with some irritation.
-Mr. Laurent. Do you really think go to see the president of GUN with this look?
– What is the problem? ‘Said Peter rather annoying.
-No, none. I do not think it is very good for your part have been filed without hairstyle and the shoes, very nice yes, but no socks.-Say Rose Mary looking him up to down.
Peter, red with shame, I look forward to one of the mirrors that were on the pillars of the hall and, realizing his appearance, he apologized immediately and went to the room to finish grooming.
And with the approval of Rose Mary, both boarded the waiting car in the hotel entrance and Rose Mary I tell the driver to head for the building of the GUN
By the way, Peter even a hint of blush on his face, I take that Rose Mary still looked at him funny face and ask him.
-Sorry to insist Ms Lush, but do you know which is the theme that President Muteleen want to discuss with me?
-First of all, it is not Mrs is Miss but you can address me as Agent Lush. And as for what to discuss with President Muteleen, I know nothing. For myself I was informed of my mission as his personal bodyguard, I received more information-she said in an affable tone that Peter had addressed so far- do not worry, in a few minutes know everything you need to know to regard.
Peter, then entirely resigned, waited patiently and quietly. And as I watched through the car window the excitement and joy of the people who were in the street suddenly, at the end of the avenue were traveling, GUN glimpse the building, former headquarters of the United Nations (United Nations or UN) one of the few historic buildings of old who managed to survive the conflict.
They walked down the ramp to the garage of the government building and, after passing through three security checks, out of the car heading to the elevator.



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