A few minutes before reaching the airport liberty, the commander announced through the speakers.
-Dear passengers, in a few minutes we arrive to  theLiberty  airport in New York.  now is 10:22 am and the outside temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius, with clear weather and radiation levels within the limit, we thank you who have flown with our company and wish you a pleasant stay.
Peter woke up, takes a few seconds to realize where he was, not long since slept so deeply as it did that night, put it down to travel fatigue after 28 hours of flight time and carelessness have any obligation. I look through the windows of the airship and found to Liberty Island where the airport was now liberty and once stood the famous statue of liberty gift from the French to the American people. He recalled with grief that fateful day a suicide attack a commercial airliner crashed commemorated with statue as a symbol of the American dream, shaking the souls of Americans and starting a path of violence no turning back. Paradoxically, the date was chosen to conscience knowing that would produce maximum damage. The September 11, 2020, that fateful date entered USA with all its ferocity and rage at war against the enemies of humanity, but as it turned and attacked the wrong enemy for the wrong reasons.
Now that image in commemoration of the past stands in the airport grounds that liberty recalling that desire for freedom and prosperity that the American people once had. Although its location is also strategically thought as something to be an island from the continent could more easily control the comings and goings of passengers and to infiltration and / or to avoid attacks more easily.
They landed at the jetty area and when the commander gave his approval opened the hatches. The passengers were coming down the stairs and entering the terminal proceeded to collect their luggage. Once was with her bags went to the airport terminal, spent his palm on the reader address and after confirming your details in the customs agent welcomed the country.
-Welcome Mr Laurent, if you do not mind go to the terminal waiting room and then anger anyone in your search.
– Excuse me?, Hoping to get to the hotel to freshen up and rest. What is wrong with my ID? ‘Said Peter surprised.
-No, no problem at all. It’s just for safety. Is assigned a personal bodyguard while enduring his stay in New York, presidential orders, the officer said without looking up the monitor of the reader.
Giving thanks and goodbye, Peter approached the waiting room and sat down. Annoyed that he thought might be the reason be assigned a personal bodyguard to him a non-partisan journalist and without knowing anyone in this country. Seeing that he would not come to any conclusion decided to wait patiently to warn you.
After 3 hours waiting, trace a woman at the door and ask an authoritative voice.
– Mr. Peter Laurent?
-Yes, I am Peter said as he stood in a tone impatient after the long wait.
-Please excuse the delay, Mr Laurent. We had some problems with the ferry to Liberty Island, but it was solved, I come as escort to accompany you during your stay here in New York, I’m Special Agent Rose Mary Lush. If you please come with me we will go to the ferry boarding area and take you to your hotel.
And turning away, Rose Mary began to walk with long strides without even looking back and see if Peter heels, this totally surprised by the arrogance of the woman immediately grabbed his luggage and with difficulty followed the woman. When I can get off of the Mary Rose carefully observe a moment, an older woman, like almost all public offices of the planet, about 60 years or so he thought, tall, slender, with a strong sense of concern and some nuisance in the face. At no time during the ride to the ferry she looked up to Peter and he realized that something does not sit well with this woman that she had been assigned to escort Peter. I’m not trying to make conversation with her some, well aware that he would not get anything out of him at that time by his attitude, it also had trouble keeping up pretty fast and was carrying to be able to continue breathing shallowly.
Once in the gate area to the ferry, Rose Mary stood up and briefly do I tell Peter to leave his luggage to the waiter that they would take care of it to them all at the hotel. Instead of waiting queue of passengers, she took out his identification to the sentry box and immediately the guards stationed there greeting them smartly they opened the door. When I pass by his side, Peter realized that in the face of these two burly men loomed a great panic to that woman, which only managed to raise curiosity about who was Peter Rose Mary.
Instead of climbing to the upper deck to sit on a plastic seat to wait for the ferry to the mainland, went to the cabin deck and once arrived at the end of the hall Rose Mary, opened the door of one of the Peter cabins and had entered the she before entering the hall I look and realize that no one and no one had seen them reach the cabin, entered and closed the door.
Well, said Rose Mary, with a tired-wait in here until arrival at destination.
– You told me you are Special Agent- Peter nonchalantly remarked- could you show me your ID?
The question, which at first might seem perfectly normal, hid a dual purpose for Peter. The first being able to see if there was anything in their documentation to make him see the panic reaction of the two guards at the checkpoint and the second attempt to break the ice hard interposed between the two and continue trying to get information because of its requirement to the President of the GUN (Government of United Nations) and the cause of the assignment of escort during his visit to New York.
With a clear distaste for his part, Rose Mary took out his ID from his pocket and showed it to Peter. “Rose Mary Lush, Secret Service Special Agent of GUN No. 00010 “with a photo only recently, and with the same face of it could be said sternly. When Peter read the position he held immediately understood the reaction of those two men. At present there is no authority more severe and harder than the Secret Service GUN and to add insult to injury the identification number of the agent indicated that he worked in that body since its inception to more than 9 years, so in addition to the experience and the respect earned by those years of service to the alliance showed that insurance was a person with a very high position in the body. So, why give it to that person the escort or custody of a journalist and entered in years and no apparent danger to the city and the highest authority of government?
And without giving opportunity to get more information from you again Rose Mary keep their identification.
– Is everything all right? – Asked her, Well, if you please, I need to stay in here. Not open to anyone, but you can not is because I’ll take me the key to the cabin. I’m going out for a moment to verify our security perimeter and be right back.
And without allowing Peter to respond, he turned and went back out the door seeing her perfectly as Peter watched the area to see if there was someone or something indicating they were being watched.
After a while he went back into the cabin. He approached the table and sat without a word and its holoscreen active to see the latest reports of the secret service and messages that have arrived, Peter, uncomfortable silence before the cold got up, and going a bit she asked.
-Excuse me, but you tell me exactly what am I here? And the reason for their presence? I still do not understand anything of what is going on, and each time this is getting weirder.
She turned off the holoscreen, and gave him a frosty look she said dryly.
He will inform you of everything in due time, meanwhile refrain from asking questions, especially outside the security area.
– Safety area? – Said Peter missed, was the first time I heard that.
-Yes, safety area, the area comprising the United Nations building and adjacent government buildings.
‘Well but, allow me another question. Are you upset with me, has risen so of twisted today, or is this all the time? – Asked Peter fed up with bad manners displayed by Rose Mary.
To which she clearly surprised and with a more furious I say.
-I repeat that refrain from asking more questions outside the security area, and within it and limit yourself to questions outside the staff.
And without another word, turned on the holoscreen, and gaze down the center again in the post by launching a series of insults to Peter, fortunately, could not understand.
Seeing that would fail to get anything more than information from his companion, made out to the cabin and the plane approaching the ferry hung on the back of the door, stayed watching for a bit distracted and trying to forget that ridiculous confrontation.
This ferry is another major technological advances initially for military purposes, like the airship, in the absence of fossil fuels. Driven by two propellers, these in turn were driven by a series of turbines that drew a huge energy in batteries housed in the engine room. These batteries stored power turbines installed in the helmet, thanks to the currents resulting from the funnel that was generated between the island and the mainland, turned with the force of the above currents. Besides a couple of windmills located above the upper deck took advantage of the great source of wind energy produced by winds from the sea constantly headed towards the mainland. And for the few days of calm solar panels ensured the provision of energy to the battery and the ferry giving it an almost perpetual autonomy, through the proper maintenance of the different teams.
Seeing that there was nothing else to do, sat on a bunk and checking the position of Rose Mary had not changed and still immersed in the observation of its holoscreen, lit his own to see if he had news. Nothing, no one remembered him. Few people the truth, still maintaining contact with Peter. Of all his loved ones, or had died victims of war, or be quite busy with the whole issue of end of hostilities. So you sit around waiting for the ferry to the mainland.



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