– Anything to declare?
Peter Laurent stayed stuck in the ground to question the customs agent. He thought it was funny, after spending
by the scanner mural, which lets you see anywhere in the body and clothes of the subject that passes through it, that after so many years, continue asking this question at the entrance or exit of an airport terminal as a symbol of formalism without further bureaucratic.
– No, nothing, replied the impatient agent with fatigue and continued with his thoughts.
It had been years since there had been no attack on any of the airports in the northwest area, thanks to the safety devices installed in them as wall scanner, detector of chemical and inhibitor of frequencies in the holds of aircraft. This together with the commercial flights now were not available worldwide made the airport terminals to become small oasis coveted by many but enjoyed by only a few. He sat at the table of one of the cafes, I raise the screen of service and apply for a mineral water
– “Thousand euros please” – answered a metallic voice that emerged from the screen. “Who would have thought that the water would reach that value,” thought Peter, it is also true that the real value of this bottle has not been increased so enormously over time, as an average salary now amounts to about 120,000 euros
monthly. In that sense his life, with 56 years of age, living alone in a house in the state and the only luxury of a cat that will keep the house and keep him company the few times that established it, was quite wealthy.
Suddenly rang for the surround speakers sound breaking news and a female voice, hurried and excited announced.
– Citizens, citizens. The war is over. The last bastion of neo-liberals in the city of Tehran has fallen. Peace has finally reached every corner of the globe.
Peter already knew beforehand that news, one of the causes of his trip was that, and the other people in the terminal, but they looked happy and excited in some cases, they are also seen in his face the lack of surprise at the news, thanks to the rumors that were already circulating a few days. After 20 years of great suffering, penalties, restructuring of the world political map and more than 3,500 million deaths the 3rd World War had finally ended on that date 17 April 2033 a date that’s sure to be remembered by all.
Slowly sipping his water bottle, a ringing him to look at the other side of the glass toward the runway suddenly an airship class thunderblue Boeing Company landed in the docking area. In memory came the era of large passenger aircraft, capable of housing within more than 400 passengers and reach speeds of over 400 km / h. But these devices as those dependent on fossil fuels for its operation had to be discarded after the oil crisis of 2018.A his memory again those pictures of oil wells on fire and anxiety for all to see that it was impossible to contain the blaze, which one of the pillars of the old world economy would disappear. There was chaos, and for a time anarchy reign throughout the world less dependent on oil which failed at a time along without him, until two years later reinvented the electric motors and batteries were achieved developing a long-range for all types of needs. The load of such batteries are developing different ways. Whether solar, wind, geothermal, thermal or even in some cases and at the end of the war bioelectric energy. Unfortunately given the current needs and the situation in which humanity was, the purposes for which these advances were applied
were only in the military, but gradually with the development of war and near its end, were slowly passing these advances to civil. One of the great resources acquired were these airships, which quickly became the replacement of passenger and commercial aircraft. With its huge capacity and perfect maneuverability were able to make transatlantic flights with few hours delay planes than its predecessors, but with the exception of its fuel economy with an electric motor that drove the propellers, both
propulsion and steering, and unnecessary to use that energy to lift due to helium deposited in its vaults were the new roads for long distances, but that if provided with the risk of an attack or attempted to leave him to do to light their great vulnerability. Gradually refined, based on nanotechnology and the pursuit of new alloys, these devices were able to withstand missile attacks and small arms ammunition light machine guns and rifles.
A voice echoed through the speakers of the terminal-“Passengers flying Boeing-232 Tb for New York, please embark on door 8” – Peter stood up, heading for the gate to raise my hand assigned the e-reader and the data of the boarding ticket decanted from the chip were grafted onto the palm of your hand, while the transfer was made of the ticket to the airline. Another technological advances social itself, thanks to this chip could not only identify any individual, not to have posed a serious offense with a penalty of up to 5 years of hard labor, were also used for payments and receipts of money storage, tax files, medical and criminal, with two thin bars ionizer could be a kind of 11-inch holoscreen where thanks to the wireless connection to view web content and your own data, and as controversial as GPS locator with provided that the authorities knew where you were both at present and the past and he kept up last month of your itineraries. This has been a great help in kidnappings, killings and resolution of missing people from accidents and / or mental disorders. The controversy was given by people feeling a lack of freedom, but thanks to the excessive trust the new government and that government head them quickly and severely the acquisition of this data illegally by members of the authority, was soon accepted and used in day to day.
-Good morning Peter, your assigned seat is 23V. Enjoy your trip, said the hostess at the checkpoint to
then opening the automatic doors and telling you to go ahead.
Gradually as he left the corridor to the berthing area of the airship felt intense cold that his bones, typical of the London area, something that really was not going to throw in in a great while. It was brisk until the access stairway to the airship and a friendly and beautiful stewardess indicated the direction to take to get to your seat.
Once settled and luggage stored, re-activate the holoscreen and accessing your mail server, reread the message that had come to two days, UN letterhead
“Dear Mr. Laurent. We find it necessary to inform you that has been required in the presence of our Hon. Secretary General Ngambo Muteleen to reference the global situation on the occasion of the armed conflict and communications management, citing him for that on 18 April 2033.
Without further Sincerely, Office of the Secretary General of the UN ”
Brief, he thought, too short for my taste. He had no choice but to respond to the request, but even when attached to the email they sent the tickets (one way strangely) but continued to feel uncomfortable with the lack of information on why the world’s leading authority required his presence. And unable to discern any clues hidden in the message or assume the reason for that message, only hint that something would have to do with whether he had been a journalist and war correspondent, he thought it best to sleep and wait for the beautiful stewardess wake up to the menu selection of food.

In couple of hours of sleep he started up, and many years to reconcile could not sleep well, not from what happened in Madrid, those images will haunt the rest of his days. The stewardess came and very kindly gave him the letter of the menu, and while she waited patiently to make his selection began reading Peter idly plates. Salad, soup verderum, chicken with herbs, grilled tuna, lamb with red wine sauce, beverage and dessert buffets. Another major change improvements airlines, aircraft tasteless menus reverted to restaurant dishes thanks to the inclusion of the kitchen in blimps, a good use of space and the passenger grateful for the long hours of posed trip.
He made his choice and in no time the flight attendant approached with the cart and poured his commands. Once finished, Peter thanked the service and started tinkering in his holoscreen for the latest news. Everything was the same, the end of the war. Celebrations in different regions of the world, fall of the symbols of neoliberalism, compliments of the different leaders of the free world, but found no reference image or the fall of Tehran, would be assumed not to disturb the euphoria of the moment.
With little more than able to do, Peter opted to try to get back to sleep and try to reconcile some sleep, I could hopefully sleep like the rest of the trip. “Really,” he thought, “what I need”



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